New 3rd Party Packs

1.7 packs are arriving in force on the 3rd party tab. Starting off with [USER=40195">@tfox83[/USER">'s The Dark Trilogy, we're releasing a number of new listed packs over the next few weeks.

This week features:
TolkienCraft II by GreatOrator
Draconis is in danger. You arrive just as the call for help is sent across the land by the king looking for able-bodied citizens to join the guard to help with monster attacks that are on the rise! Journey through a town that is thriving and interactive. Help the merchants out with tasks and slowly uncover the darker side of what is happening here and ultimately try to bring peace back to this troubled land.

Running Red 2: Vampire Money by gideonsemour
This is a hardcore, combat-based modpack centered around a Vampire fighting for his life. Health does not regenerate naturally, and no ores appear beneath the ground, instead, one must instead drink the blood of other being for life and kill them to obtain ores. The caves beneath the ground are infested with silverfish and other monsters, which you must fight to keep yourself alive. All the while, a pitch black darkness consumes the world, which you must fight to stay sane.

In addition to the new packs, the following packs are being moved off the main list to the specified pack codes to make room for the upcoming 1.7 packs.
Lapito's Galacticraft Modpack : LapitosGalacticraft
Infamy - Dynamic Warfare : Infamy
Voxel(for 1.6) : Voxel
New World Mod Pack : NewWorldModPack
RPG Immersion Pack : RPGImmersion
VoxelModPack(for 1.5) : VoxelModPack
Magic Farm(for 1.5) : MagicFarm

These two packs are broken and are just being removed.
Ampz Modpack

December 16, 2014, 7:28 pm

Modpack Release

Itís been a fair bit of time since we have had much in the way of news with regards to FTB pack releases for FTB. On the launcher already is the alpha version of both FTB Lite 3 and Mage Quest. However there has been a lot more going on behind the scenes and tonight we see the Public Alpha release of the Next FTB mod pack.

Codenamed Resurrection, this pack is our recreation of one of our most successful modpacks. In Minecraft 1.4.7 we released FTB Ultimate. With the now infamous Gregtech mod at its core, Ultimate divided the community down the middle. With resurrection Gregtech makes a return to FTB along with many of your other favourite mods from the FTB Ultimate modpack. Whilst the modlist may be similar, you shouldn't however expect the same gameplay. Many of the mods have updated since 1.4.7 and the pack has been modified heavily by the team to help provide a more integrated experience. As we move through to beta and release we have plans to add more new features, however the mod list is pretty much final and those of you wishing to start worlds can do so safely. Unless something major comes up, worlds started with alpha should be playable through to beta and release. However, as always, it must be stated that this release is an alpha release and it should be remembered that changes may be needed between now and release based as always on community feedback.

We hope to have more news about further modpack releases over the coming weeks as well so keep an eye out for that.

Finally just in case I donít get another opportunity. On behalf of the entire FTB team I would like to take a moment to wish each and every one of you all the best as we move through the Holidays and into the New Year.

Bug reports can be sent to here: [url">[/url">

December 12, 2014, 1:38 am

CreeperHost Christmas Offers

Our friends over at CreeperHost have a great offer on this Christmas for 30% off your first 3 months for new customers using the promo code "secretsanta"

If you are already with another host CreeperHost will price match and give you up to 3 months free!*

Find out more!

*Only valid upon submittal of invoices dated for the previous month from other hosts.

All offers exclude dedicated hosting packages

December 5, 2014, 7:15 pm

More 1.7.10 stuff

I know I have been quiet lately. I am all moved in finally. And settled... and have furniture. So back to work.

I came the realization that I cannot write all the quests for the packs on my own. So we have gathered a group of awesome talented volunteers to take my outline and crazy evilness and turn it into words and lore. Hopefully we can get a Beta of Mage Quest out soon with the foundation quests in place.

Lite 3 is being ... troublesome for writing quests. I want it to be a tutorial instead of a storyline. Something that introduces new players to the modded world. But I don't want more experienced players to feel I am patronizing them. So far I have thrown out 3 sets of rough outlines. I have told [USER=56">@slowpoke[/USER"> I am going to give it one more attempt, and then if I can't get the feel I want I will probably go ahead and ask the literary team for help.

I have basic modlists in place for Magic Farm 3 and AgSkies 2, and questlines laid out.

The main reason I haven't updated Lite and MQ is because I'd like the next update to be the Beta update with quests. However if thats not out in the next week, I'll push another alpha for each to get the mods up to date and add HQM.

November 14, 2014, 4:14 am

ModMyMC Official Launch

For a long time now the most active thread on the FTB forums has been "What's new in modded minecraft today?" which lets the community come together and post all the latest news in the world of modded Minecraft. We want to help make this information easier to access for everyone.

To achieve this we have created ModMyMC. We hope that ModMyMC will be a community driven project operating totally separately from FTB. A team of editors will be created with the task of taking community news updates and picking out the most informative ones. They will then be formatted and posted on our new Twitter account @ModMyMC, to the forums and hopefully in time directly onto the FTB launcher. Editors will initially be chosen by us but after the initial editors are in place I hope for them to operate totally independently of the FTB team. We think that the community is doing a fantastic job already and my aim with this project is to enable you to make it even better.

Initially the main types of stories we aim to cover are:

Mod Updates
New Mods
Critical Bugs
Pack Release
Pack Updates
Map Releases

If you want to see other topics covered just let us know and we will see what we can do. We have people already lined up for the ModMyMC Editor positions and we will be contacting them over the next few days to confirm their interest.

Be sure to check out our new forums and twitter account, I hope to see you all taking part soon!

November 4, 2014, 12:15 am

Direwolf20 1.7.10 released

FTB is proud once again to be the exclusive host for the Direwolf20 1.7.10 mod pack. Once again you will be able to follow Direwolf20ís adventures in SSP Minecraft on his YouTube Channel and play along using the same pack available now on the FTB launcher. Both client and server versions are available for use. For those that need a Direwolf20 Server as always FTB recommends Creeperhost. You should be able to find not only the latest Direwolf20 Server on there but also all of our old packs as well.

As for server and client recommendations; we are currently recommending 2GB Minimum RAM, 4GB Maximum Ram and 256MB Permgen (these can be set in advanced options on the FTB Launcher)

For servers that the default config comes with should be good for up to 8 players. Beyond that, you may need to talk to your server providers.

Finally, we do recommend for those that are having frame rate issues you can also try Player's experimental mod Fastcraft. It is recommended client side as well as server side for SMP. Please be aware that once again we can provide no support for server software like Cauldron at this time.

We are creating a new section of the Forums for Direwolf20 tech support and questions, you can find this at the following Link. If you find any bugs or issues, please post them here.

October 31, 2014, 10:51 pm

Manual Launcher Update and Tug

Due to some technical issues with the previous launcher version it is not possible for us to update using our automated update system. To get the latest version of the launcher go to the website and download the launcher for your appropriate system.

You may also notice in the new launcher version that there is a new Tug logo. Tug is a game made by one of our partners Nerd Kingdom it is an open-world sandbox-RPG using new technology and social sciences to directly involve players in the gameís design. It is still in the alpha stage of development but is available for early access purchase directly from our site at [url">[/url"> all proceeds go directly to Nerd Kingdom and into game development.

October 27, 2014, 11:50 pm

Creating New FTB Team: Positions Open

There were a lot of awesome applications. It wasn't easy narrowing it down, but Eyamaz and I have decided on the following people

FTB Literary Team:

@[USER=31123">Bashful Giant[/USER">

[spoiler">Deadline Oct 24th or 25th

As we are working on 1.7.10 packs, we are coming to the realization that there are a couple mods that have changed enough we don't know them well enough for quests. We are also realizing the Modpack team is getting bogged down trying to learn those mods plus update packs plus get quests written.

So we are forming a literary team to help with writing quests, lore etc.

FTB Literary Team:

What we are looking for:

This team is not going to be responsible for making modpacks. Or making suggestions of mods. Or making balance decisions. They'll be able to make suggestions for changes to make questline progression work better, but final modpack structure will be determined by Eyamaz and I.

If you're good at writing but not an expert at mods it may still be worth trying to write some quests. Good writers are as useful as mod experts in this.

We have been trying to get the quests made, but between mod changes in 1.7.10 and time, we have to admit we need help. This team would be for the main FTB packs, not Eyamaz and I's side packs. If we form teams for those they will be separate.

So if you want to apply, pick a mod in FTB Mage Quest and submit a mock up quest in this thread (1 quest not a whole questline)

Quest Title:
Instructions: (Use the book to manually submit xyz)
Requirement for step:
Further Steps:

October 22, 2014, 6:42 am

Even more 1.7.10 update stuff

FTB Lite 3 and Mage Quest are coming along nicely in the alpha tests. A new update is due out soon that will with any luck be the last Alpha.

For Beta versions I will be working on adding quests. I am not the world's best writer, and I am not an expert on some of the magic mods so it may take a bit of testing to get all the quests in place.

AgSkies and Magic Farm are close to being alpha ready.

I am finally mostly over the nasty cold that my roomate brought home from a bar ... no idea why he can't just bring girls home instead... much less annoying.

All that said, on Oct 15th I am moving. My apartment lease is up and my rent has doubled in the last 6 years of living here. The move may cause a slight delay in getting final stable packs out.

My goal is to get the Lite and Mage Betas and AgSkies, MF3 alphas out before the move date.

If I seem a bit frazzled or slow on updates currently, its because I am packing and making sure everything is in place for the move as well as testing mods and working on packs.

Edit to add: Anyone want to help me pack? >.>

October 1, 2014, 11:41 pm

Jampacked: We have a winner | Material Energy^3

And so we finally have a winner for the individual modpack creation competition and it is Parcel31u for Material Energy^3. This announcement has been a long time in coming and that goes to show the level of the entries that we received. The overall standard of packs that we received in the individual competition was a lot higher that I think any of us expected, from the immensely popular Crash Landing to the awesome work showing of HQM and fantastic storyline with Running Red the really great packs that I hoped to see have appeared and hopefully are here to stay. All three can be downloaded now from the third party packs tab of the launcher.

ME^3 was one of the first packs we played (maybe even the first one) and it immediately grabbed us. Strong in every area, from storyline, modpack creation and balance, map creation and showcasing Hardcore Questing Mode I think most people who have played this map recognised how good it is and in my mind is a worthy winner.

As I am sure many of you are aware this was an extremely tight competition that tied the judges meaning we had to draft in an extra judge which along with several other totally avoidable things delayed this result. Next time I will try to avoid having the closing date clash with a major convention :D.

As to the team event. Our current plan is to relaunch this competition for 1.7. All the entries from the original competition have been contacted and notified and we are waiting to here feedback from them all before confirming this 100%. However as long as everything goes OK, I am currently thinking of running this through 2nd half October and first half of November.

Finally I want to thank everyone who entered into both events. Hopefully some of you may continue to work on and develop your modpacks or start your own pack.

September 29, 2014, 6:59 pm

Jampacked Update. Where are the results?

I know everyone has waited patiently for the results of Jampacked so I want to make a quick explanation of the reason for the big delay. The initial delay was down to Pax Prime and then as sson as we returned we carried on judging the packs. Up until a couple of days ago, I actually thought we had the winner picked out for the individual entry but then I found out a piece of information which removed a negative mark that was issued to one of the packs. Then even worse one of our other judges came back and we were placed in a position where we are now in a 3 way tie for the winner.

Due to the nature of the prize, I would rather us take a bit of extra time rather than rush out the winner. So we have now decided to push this into a 2nd round of judging and have brought in an extra judge to make the deciding call. This person has asked for 2 days per pack so they can get a good idea and the plan is to announce the winner for this next Sunday 28 Sept.

Moving onto the team prizes, this was the area that also caused a big delay as well. Given the nature of the entries, it has been an extremely difficult task to pick a winner without just randomly picking a team. Right now my instinct is to relaunch the competition and make it for 1.7 packs however this will be dependant on whether there are any objections from the current team entries (We will be messaging each of the teams to get their feedback on this.)

I want to finish this particular note by making a quick observation. The entries we received were of all standards. Some were not great, others were unfinished and others had great potential. However there were several packs that were stand out exceptional and have made judging this a lot more difficult than I ever anticipated. One thing is for sure, although I will make sure we plan it better and try to ensure we don't have another huge event right in the middle of judging, I definitely want to do this again.

Please accept my apologies for the delays, we will try to get results as soon as possible.

September 21, 2014, 9:02 pm

1.7.10 Alpha Packs

Alpha versions of FTB Lite 3 and FTB Mage Quest (Magic World 3) will be arriving on the launcher shortly. These are nowhere near completed packs. These are just the mods that seem to be working together correctly in testing. We have already eliminated quite a few mods. These is the final public test before we start adding finishing touches like quests and tweaks.

These are ALPHA packs.

Quests and the server version will come out in Beta testing. For now we need more people testing the mod combinations and ensuring there are no major world destroying bugs that we have missed. For Lite we also need to know how well its performing on older computers. 1.7.10 MC is a change from 1.6 and we are not sure how that may effect the Lite pack.

Do NOT get attached to your worlds. These are Alpha packs and your worlds might be destroyed in updates. We don't protect worlds until Stable release.

Report bugs with LIte 3 here: [url">[/url">

Report bugs with Mage Quest here: [url">[/url">

Config Tweaks in place:

Lite 3 - None
Mage Quest - The Blood Magic/Botania nerfs have been enabled.

If you want a server version you will need to build it yourself for the Alpha phase.

Tech and iF are much more in depth packs. Magic is going to get its theme from the quests coming in Beta. And Lite gets its theme from being well... light.

So before I give you the quests for Mage Quest.... and the tutorial book for Lite... go forth and break them. Please.

Lite Mod List : Lite 3

Mage Quest Mod List: Quest


1.0.2 versions

FTB Lite 3:

Pressure Pipes
InPureCore - hides the FMP pages, leaves one of each microblock type for recipe lookup.

Config Changes:
MFR - uses TE recipes
TE - uses ingots not gears

FTB Mage Quest


September 16, 2014, 1:25 pm

More 1.7.10 Updates

Pack dev continues:

1.7.10 packs are in the works. @Eyamaz has had an unfortunate computer fire which may cause some delay on the tech packs.

4 FTB packs are currently planned:

Magic and Lite will be my babies this time while Eyamaz will be doing Tech and the Secret pack. I will probably stick my nose into the secret pack at some point.

For Magic and Lite and my personal packs, development will proceed as follows:

While I will try to ensure no world resets are needed between any of the stages, it is possible that going from Alpha to Beta may lose some mods and you may want to restart. If you want to make sure nothing will change/break or require a reset, wait till Stable.

The 1.7.10 packs will be some of the most detailed packs FTB has ever done. They will not be just a group of almost compatible mods thrown together with a few basic quests. There will be storylines that cross reference other packs and lore and tweaks and all sorts of gameplay additions. Old familiar mods will be back along with some new friends.

Eyamaz may do his pack development differently. I am sure he'll comment on any differences.

I do not know when DW20 will be ready to do a pack. But we have a team to handle the third party packs maintained by FTB. When he's ready I am sure he'll tweet it out.

Will there be a pack that combines tech and magic? Yes

Will there be a pack that throws every popular mod at a wall and hopes they almost work together? No

You want a pack where people just throw every mod they can load without crashing in a folder... you don't need a modpack team to do it for you. [/spoiler">

We are approaching Alpha releases. I will be releasing Lite and Mage Quest (Magic World 3) first. Neither will have quests to start. This is just to have a couple weeks of more thorough testing to ensure we don't need to remove any mods due to bugs before quests are written.

Eyamaz will release iF and Tech (no idea on name) when he feels they are ready.

MF3 and AS2 will be announced in my stream section of the forum since they are not FTB packs.

Once we are sure we don't have to pull mods for world breaking issues, we will move to Beta with Quests.

Lite will be a set of quests geared at introducing players to the basic ideas of modded minecraft. Just as in 1.6 it will be a base foundation pack for people to learn on and add mods to.

Mage Quest will have optional quests. You can always turn off the books.

NONE of the FTB packs will be hardcore. We will also not be doing nearly as extensive tweaks etc as we do in our personal packs, these will play closer to default mods.

We were planning to use Cauldron for 1.7.10 packs to make things a bit easier on servers... but with the events of the last few days, that does not appear possible at this time :(


September 7, 2014, 7:17 am

1.7.10 FTB Pack News

1.7.10 packs are in the works. @[USER=5237">Eyamaz[/USER"> has had an unfortunate computer fire which may cause some delay on the tech packs.

4 FTB packs are currently planned:

Magic and Lite will be my babies this time while Eyamaz will be doing Tech and the Secret pack. I will probably stick my nose into the secret pack at some point.

For Magic and Lite and my personal packs, development will proceed as follows:

While I will try to ensure no world resets are needed between any of the stages, it is possible that going from Alpha to Beta may lose some mods and you may want to restart. If you want to make sure nothing will change/break or require a reset, wait till Stable.

The 1.7.10 packs will be some of the most detailed packs FTB has ever done. They will not be just a group of almost compatible mods thrown together with a few basic quests. There will be storylines that cross reference other packs and lore and tweaks and all sorts of gameplay additions. Old familiar mods will be back along with some new friends.

Eyamaz may do his pack development differently. I am sure he'll comment on any differences.

I do not know when DW20 will be ready to do a pack. But we have a team to handle the third party packs maintained by FTB. When he's ready I am sure he'll tweet it out.

Will there be a pack that combines tech and magic? Yes

Will there be a pack that throws every popular mod at a wall and hopes they almost work together? No

You want a pack where people just throw every mod they can load without crashing in a folder... you don't need a modpack team to do it for you.

Do NOT ask for ETA's or modlists. Doing so may get you timed out from the forums. We'll let you know when they are ready for you to start breaking them.


August 4, 2014, 11:07 am

Jampacked Entry Details

For those of you entering JamPacked we now have details on how you need to enter your modpacks and maps. This post should contain all the details you need to complete your entry.

First you will need to download the example modpack that can be found as an attachment to this post. The two images included in the root of the zip are displayed when the pack is loaded into the FTB Launcher.

The info.txt file should also be completed before submitting your modpack, this mostly contains details for how the modpack should be displayed on the launcher but also the permissions for the modpack. This spreadsheet can be used to help you with permissions however you should have already contacted mod authors for mods that require you to contact the mod author to use the mod in a modpack.

Finally you will need to include your modpack and map inside the minecraft directory, set it up just as you would a standard minecraft install or multimc instance, more details on how this should be setup can be found here

If your modpack canít be launched like a conventional modpack (for example it requires a server) then just include all the required files in the zip as you would with a standard third party pack along with instructions on how they should be used. If we have any issues with your submission we will contact you via a private message on the forums.

Once you have completed the zip setup you will need to submit your entry to the competition, for this you will need a forum account so sign up now if you donít have one already. You can then follow one of the links below to submit your entry:


The deadline for entries has also been extended due to the delay in opening the contest, the deadline is now the 10th August 2014, it will not be possible to submit packs after this date.

Please note you do not need to submit your pack as a third party modpack you only need to upload it to the entry pages quoted above.

Terms and conditions of the contest can be found here

July 29, 2014, 2:11 pm

Introducing JamPacked

Introducing JamPacked

After the amazing success of Mod-Jam, I started to talk about doing something similar aimed at modpack creators and mapmakers. But I was never quite clear exactly what sort of format I wanted to follow. However with the recent introduction of the amzing Hardcore Questing Mode which is at the heart of the Agrarian Skies Modpack and map, the answer became easy. So starting today we are opening up the very first Jam-Packed.

The goal of JamPacked is for people to create a modpack and map designed to work together. With regards to the modpack, the only required mod is the Hardcore Questing Mod (you can find the mod at [url">[/url">) which will be the focus of your modpack and map. The only exception to this is the mods you use must either be already open for all to use in modpacks (ie open source) or you must gain permission to use the mod in your pack if it is not open source. Beyond that, you can use any mods that you wish to in your pack and there are no restriction on the design of your maps.

What we are looking for is creativity, originality and stability in your modpacks and maps. In order to help give you the time to complete this we will be running this competition right throughout July. So pack submissions are due at end of July, this will either be via the forums or directly through the FTB Website. More details will be confirmed over the next couple of weeks with regards to this. There will also be a section opened in the forums for Questions and Answers etc.

Of course you cant have a competition without a prize or two and thanks to our sponsors at CreeperHost and Curse, we are going to have some amazing prizes up for grabs. We are going to seperate this event into 2 sections, the first will be the team event which is going to be sponsored by Curse. For this event we are targetting teams of 3 people. We plan to have 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes (exact details will come in the next week or two). Each team will be eligible to receive up to 3 of each prize. the second event will be the individual event. This is aimed primarily at individuals. For this event there is going to be a full on custom built PC Gaming Rig for the winner. This rig is going to be handbuilt at the upcoming Minethon event live from the Creeperhost offices. Unfortunately as with all things there is a catch, Whilst we can accept entries from anyone, due to legal restrictions only residents of the following countries can be eligible to receive a prize.

- Australia

- New Zealand

- UK

- Germany

- France

- US

At this moment in time there is no way we can get around this restriction.

Formal terms and conditions will be posted in the next couple of days as we make sure we cover everything, however for right now this is an outline of what they will be.

Competition is not open to employees, relatives or members of FTB, Curse or Creeperhost.
Pack and Modpack submission must be made by 11:59pm UTC on the 31st July 2014
All maps and modpacks must be your own work (the FTB Universal config may be used as a basis for your packs)
By submitting your modpack and map, you agree that moth the modpack and map may be hosted and distributed by both FTB and Curse. As a modpack creator, you will be responsible for ensuring you have any 3rd party permissions that you may need (proof of closed source mod permissions will be required).
Whist there will be community involvement in the judging process. The final judging will be done by a panel consisting of members of FTB, Creeperhost and Curse.
Whilst there is no specific rules with regards to how many people work on each project, The individual event will have 1 of each prize and the Team event will have 3 of each prize.

As this is a totally new competition with some awesome prizes on the line, it is impossible to guage how much interest there will be, so if we need to adjust any of the rules, these will be announced via the website and the FTB twitter feed.

For right now I will leave this thread open for questions etc and clarify as much as I can in the original post so keep checking back for edits. Remember this is the first time we have tried anything like this, so if it doesn't go perfectly then sorry :p.


Ill come through and answer as many questions as I can tomorrow, but I will go over the basic ones that have come up, yes we are looking for a map and a modpack. Unless you can figure out a really good way to use the Hardcore Questing Mod without a map.

The packs are to be build using Minecraft 1.6.4.

All people and teams will retain ownership of their respective maps etc. Therefore you can release it whenever you choose.

Existing maps and modpacks can be used as long as they belong to the person that enters.

The list of countries is the one I was given, sorry we cannot go beyond that. I am going to get a clarification but I believe the rule is that the winning people must all be residents of the respective countries.

With regard to mod permissions and open source mods, the idea is that you must meet any requirements of each individual mods license. If the mod is open source, but the mod author asks that you let them know that you are using the mod, then thats what you need to do.

As of this moment I cannot think of any mod you are not allowed to use as long as you have the needed permissions.

We dont have exact specs or details of the prizes yet. However the Gaming rig is pretty high end, and the bundles are all decent.


With regards to the profit question. This isn't an issue, there are plenty of people already indirectly profitting off mods. Youtubers doing spotlights, streamers, mod pack launchers, the list goes on. In all my time I have only ever had one mod creator who had a problem with this and that was over a year ago and I have never encountered an open sourced mod that had a problem with this type of profitting.

Where mod authors have an issue is when you directly profit off a mod. This mean you cannot put access to the mod behind an artificial paywall like adfly or something similar.

List of pack making tools and helpful mods: [url">[/url">

July 1, 2014, 8:09 pm

Modpack Versioning

The Creeperhost guys (Luke) said it might be helpful to people to post the way we tend to do version numbers for modpacks.

First Number = Number of possible intended world resets or major mod removal/addition

Second Number = Beta vs Stable

Third Number = Which update is it.

So DW20 1.0.23 = First beta release version , Public Beta, unstable and may change, 23rd update

Ag Skies 2.1.6 = First Stable version , 1 possible intended world reset (not counting bugs) , 6th update.

And yes on some occasions we skip a number. That usually means in testing the pack failed so hard we jumped a version.

Not sure how useful it is to y'all but Luke should be happy.

May 20, 2014, 8:28 am

The state of 1.6 Modpacks

Now that RL is calming down for me and I will be getting much much more time to sit down and do what I love (game dev,) it is also time for me to announce the end of 1.6 FTB Official packs. In the next week, I will be releasing an update for all 1.6 FTB Official packs and then having a time of 1 week after for any additional bug fixes mod authors want to put up for us. After that, all 1.6 FTB Official Packs will be frozen.

As of now, I am already looking into 1.7 development as well as talking to a few people about additional tools for modpack creators. I am hoping what we are planning for you meets to your expectations and raises the bar for modpacks overall. iF you are anxious for what is to come, well, so are we.

1.7 packs are not planned to be released for a few months,
please do not spam the forums asking for ETAs or you will receive a timeout.

May 20, 2014, 12:01 am

Update on the Future of FTB Modpacks in 1.7

As Eyamaz and I have started looking towards official 1.7 modpack builds we have noticed many changes in MC mods. We are not comfortable with continuing to attempt to balance multiple energy systems against each other in every pack. Packs always end up feeling like they have one main energy system and every other system is just on the side. There are also less mods with native support for only IC2 or BC at this point. Most mods have swapped to or are at least compatible with RF. Going forward to 1.7 modpacks our main energy system will be RF. We may make packs that focus on other energy systems as well depending on how viable it is to find enough addons for other energy systems. With the ID change in 1.7 it will not be nearly as difficult for players to drop mods into the packs after creation or even to combine many of the packs into 1 large pack. This is nothing against IC2 or BC. Most of the modding community has adopted or added support for RF and for the first time in quite a while modded minecraft has a nearly universally accepted energy system.More and more it feels off to place a few mods that don't support RF in packs that are mainly powered by RF.

What this means:

Magic 3 of course won't have an energy system unless someone adds a magic energy system. The plan is to make a magic themed pack that isn't just a collection of every magic mod we can find. Lite3 will probably closely resemble Lite2. A new to be named pack or packs may be created to showcase the other energy system mods. More quest books and more maps will be making an appearance in 1.7 since we won't need to spend so much time dealing with ID conflicts. As we get closer to having official 1.7 packs we will be providing you with more information and lore. Right now Eyamaz and I are making our modlists and planning the themes for 1.7.

We realize this decision may upset some die hard traditionalists. However the modpack team has decided to move forwards with the rest of the MC community. For those that absolutely have to have every mod in a single pack 1.7 will make it possible for you to do so on your own. Again this does not mean that non-RF mods will not be in any packs or that there will not be non-RF packs, just that the packs will be focused on a single energy system each. Packs will be based around showcasing different mods.

Edit to Add: The only mods not natively supporting RF one way or another are IC2, BC, RailCraft and Forestry. And the last 3 can be powered by RF through conversion.

Edit To Add: This only concerns the power producing and consuming mods, not mods like CC or TC4, or Biomes etc.

Edit to Add:

Basically this whole thing boils down to simple cause and effect

Edit: Below are a list of the questions the FTB Team has answered in the thread:


[quote="wolfsilver00, post: 623031, member: 47102"">Wanted to know, is there a chance that Mekanism and Calclavia related mods will be added in future packs?[/quote">

If they have native RF support its possible, Mek more than the UE mods. Cal's update cycle is insane to keep up with for packs.

[quote="Hannibal_00, post: 623041, member: 23343"">Speaking of modpack themes, are there any 'general' or 'everything in it' packs currently drafted?[/quote">

No. The goal is to make packs that can be combined into 1 "all the things" pack if people really feel the need. We may release one, but it will not be the main pack(s)

[quote="ollyroo, post: 623053, member: 189"">I see this as a good move as we have been living under this RF world for a couple of versions now and the difficulty of IC2 definitely would not be nice for un-experianced players. Hopefully this won't become too much of a limiting factor in terms of diversity in mods.[/quote">

Considering how many mods are available. No. It would be more limiting to keep trying to do the traditional multi-energy packs.

[quote="Not_Steve, post: 623061, member: 77859"">Just as a side note mekanism is no longer a UE mod and while it isn't truly RF native it has the ability to display every energy reference in RF MJ EU and joules (mekanism joules not UE joules)[/quote">

I know its not. Its kinda not really any specific system. Which means it would fall under does it add enough things not added by other mods we decide to use.

[quote="PDDnox, post: 623079, member: 92563"">It'll probably will be fine. :)
One of the Forgecraft streamers mentioned also that IC is big enough to support a pack on it's own.
Personally i'll go for RF.

I do wish there would be another pack with quests. But then not over a void.[/quote">

Oh quests will be appearing in a couple more and different packs. I'm not stopping with 1 pack for quests ... I has plans. :p

And like the first post said EU will probably end up being in a pack based around IC2 and its addons. Its the only energy system other than RF that has enough mods to possibly build a pack around just it. The concern is whether or not enough IC2 addons will update.

[quote="Reika, post: 623130, member: 72579"">What does this mean for me? I have RF support but it is heavily throttled because RC is designed to use its own power system, and this is for obvious reasons not going to change.

I must admit this makes me rather worried to see, as it can rather easily be framed as "if you want your mod to be included in the packs, you better not have your own power system", which is core to RC.[/quote">

Depends what packs it fits in.[DOUBLEPOST=1398480788">[/DOUBLEPOST">[quote="Reika, post: 623134, member: 72579"">The only mention I saw was "RC is not a universally accepted power system", which does little to help assuage my concerns.[/quote">

That's because someone was all "RC is a universal energy system"

[quote="Reika, post: 623140, member: 72579"">From what I can tell, most FTB packs fit into one of two categories - "flagship" and "backwater" - with the former having a massive userbase and often being seen as synonymous with FTB, and the latter getting little usage aside from a few small groups. I fear I will end up in packs (The "let's add all the tech mods", maybe?) fitting the latter but not the former under these new rules.[/quote">

There is only 1 flagship pack in any version of MC. There are several "backwater" packs that have as much if not more players. We cannot keep putting every mod in as many packs as possible. It leads to way too many bugs and issues.[DOUBLEPOST=1398481113">[/DOUBLEPOST">[quote="eashonk, post: 623141, member: 63819"">I assume Dire's pack will be immune and still have all the things.[/quote">

It will have whatever Dire puts on the list.

{In response to concerns raised about IC2 and BC dying}

Basically 5 mods do not support RF natively. IC2, Buildcraft, Forestry, Factorization and Railcraft. Continuing to place mods in all the packs that do not support RF makes no sense. We end up going "everything can be run off this one power system, except these 1 or 2 mods which need their own thing." MJ can fit because the conduits convert to MJ. But IC2 and FZ just don't fit. When IC2 and BC were the mods that everyone used for power the packs were built around them. Now mod devs have mostly moved to RF. Continuing to include things because "tradition" is silly politics and leads to stagnation. It leads to perfectly good mods getting overlooked as people cling to the "traditional" By splitting the energy systems up into seperate packs we allow for more variation. Just think: a steampunk factory pack with Steve's Carts, Steve's Factory Manager, BC and FZ, a High-tech pack with IC2, and GT,a magic pack with TT, Forbidden Magic, and many of the Thaumcraft addons, an RPG pack with Witchery and Botania, new mappacks based around different mods with tutorials and quests. (No this is not a list of the packs we are definitely creating) Once we stop trying to shove all the mods into one pack and dealing with the tech support nightmare we have more room to branch out. And we leave room for the community to make packs that aren't just the same as our packs with 1 or 2 differences.
IC2 and BC aren't going to die just because we move them out of a few packs and into separate packs.

[quote="Mevansuto, post: 623496, member: 48316"">Will MFR, AE, Mekanism, Mad Science, Galacticraft, Resonant Induction, ICBM, MFFS, Atomic Science, MMPS and MPSA be included in both RF And EU modpacks?[/quote">

MFR and AE yes. The others will go where they fit. We won't be doing this : 6 modpacks with practically the same mods except for one or 2 thing. Instead we will be making packs where only a few mods repeat across packs. And the packs can easily be recombined into one large pack by people wanting that. This puts the more intricate mods in packs where they aren't up against easier to learn/use mods.

[quote="Mevansuto, post: 623489, member: 48316"">Now what we do about BC. For the first time in many, many versions they're adding something interesting, yet we'll miss out on that. Don't forget all of Railcraft's rails, and bee lovers are going to be disappointed.

It'll a shame to lose these mods and for them not to get their own pack.[/quote">

RC and BC will be somewhere. Forestry on the other hand... I love bees, bees are the only modded thing I have added code for. Bees are amazing. However Sir S hasn't been doing Forestry since the start of 1.6. Myst and CJ were maintaining it in 1.6. Player updated it for 1.7. Development on Forestry has halted which makes me incredibly sad. BC is starting to get some changes and new content but there is very little it can do that can't be done by quite a few other mods at this point.

For 1.6- 1.7 the mods in question are maintained by:

IC2 - Player
Forestry - Player (1.7), Mysterious Ages (1.6) Covert Jaguar
BC - Covert Jaguar, SpaceToad (1.7)
RC- Covert Jaguar
Magic Bees and Extra Bees are unlikely to be updated ( I hope they are but its unlikely)

It is very concerning that the original devs of all but RC have seemed to lose interest. Honestly if SirS or Mysterious Ages was to come back/maintain Forestry there would be less concern about it but CJ is now responsible for several very different code bases. SpaceToad is back now but he may disappear again. Putting that much faith and basing our packs off 4 major mods maintained by 2 people just doesn't make sense. If I knew Java better I would volunteer to maintain the bees mods. I love them. I would still volunteer to try if SirS was crazy enough to let me :p . If something goes wrong Forestry is going to take second fiddle to RC for development. If SpaceToad leaves again we'll have the same problem with BC.

{pertinent question from Reddit}

[quote="condor700, post: 624080, member: 50967"">Any information on Gregtech? It has (limited) MJ support, and it's a quintessential part of FTB for many.[/quote">

It was in 1 pack in 1.4 that was a very good pack. It was in a 1.5 pack that was the least popular pack from any FTB version. It has never been a major part of FTB packs except in the minds of the GT fans. And no we have already stated we will leave the tech support nightmare of GT packs to third party packs.

[quote="SaintLucifer, post: 625364, member: 37504"">Ok, considering that this seem to be final decision, will FTB at least provide universal configs for the other mods, since ID conflict is just a minor issue against all the fine tuning mods actually need, like for example World Gen, spawn rates, recipe changes, "cross" mod conflicts and so on.[/quote">

Our current universal configs don't do that. And no. Pushing our view of mod balance into a universal config is not something we would be comfortable doing. Aside from ID's config changes should be left to modpack creators based on what they are doing with an individual pack.

[quote="Omicron, post: 625458, member: 4402"">Hmmm. From all the hubbub on Twitter and Reddit and this thread, you guys could potentially have worded this announcement a little better... :p

I'm not too great a fan of this step. Focusing on flavor and consistency can be an argument, but it shouldn't be the end-all argument (certainly not when it is used to justify excluding mods). When building modpacks myself I am a huge stickler for consistency, yet I have never found myself unable to reconcile multiple different power systems in one set. And honestly? When I first got into modded Minecraft back in 1.2, the great variety in available in systems was touted as an enriching addition to the game and a testament of modder's creativity, even despite the fact that it was a nightmare to even get Minecraft to start up error-free. I don't know what happened over time to change this to "the lowest common denominator is the only thing worth having". But then again, I'm currently on a bit of a hiatus from Minecraft, based both on RL taking up a huge amount of time right now, and on the long and ardous update process that 1.7 brought with it and 1.8 probably will bring again. I've not been privy to the mood of the community for a good while.

All I know is, I would feel less bummed out by this step if RF wasn't such a thoroughly boring system. I've tried the 1.6 release of Thermal Expansion, and honestly, I've never seen less gameplay value in anything power-related, short of vanilla's "put coal into this slot in the furnace". It was so boring, I didn't even touch RF after building the basic six processing machines and a single dynamo (which was more than enough for all of them combined). I'm an engineer through and through, and this system is treating me like I'm an elementary school kid, and a particularly slow one at that. You can be fairly sure that any tech modpack based solely around RF will be the last one I ever download - not out of spite or principle or anything like that, but out of the simple fact that playing it would bore me to tears.

I do agree with the points being made on the exodus of legacy modders and the maintaining of their projects. Too many former cornerstones of the modding scene are essentially just kept alive on their status quo today, by too small a group of people with too much to do, and it's agonizing to watch for the fans of said mods. SpaceToad's return to Buildcraft is the one exception that bucks the trend, but sometimes exceptions only serve to confirm the norm. Again, I really don't know what happened - and I certainly don't fault people like for example Sengir for feeling nothing but contempt for the community after seeing the kind of abuse leveled at him for daring to make the mod he wanted to make - but I don't feel this trend is doing modded Minecraft any favors.

Right, going back to my hidey-hole in the ground now...[/quote">

None of the mods are vanishing. And the packs will be able to be easily combined. However, there are large numbers of mods available now that didn't exist in previous versions. Continuing to make 3 packs that are practically identical and use the same group of mods is silly. Instead we can have 3 seperate packs based on the main energy systems and explore more new mods. This way people can play the pack they like or combine them into one pack. It lowers the tech support burden and is just simpler. More mods are compatible with RF than MJ or EU right now. RF doesn't require the existence of TE3 to exist, which means in the unfortunate event of more devs disappearing our packs can stay stable.

No matter how we worded this announcement plenty of people were going to misunderstand it. However we would have gotten more blowback if we had made the change without warning people. And most of the community agrees with the move. If it helps think of it as the main packs are Beginner , and the packs based on other systems will be Intermediate and Advanced.


April 26, 2014, 12:42 am

Modpack Updates

Well, pretty much all the packs got an update today. Recommended pushes will be on the normal time frame.

@[USER=16762">VikeStep[/USER"> will get change logs up on the pack listings sometime soon.

See you all at PAX East!

April 4, 2014, 7:32 am

Important Announcement

EDIT *****For everyone that reads this, I will leave this up however you should be aware that whilst it is true that there was a fight, I felt I had no choice but to take Jadedcats side. Whilst I know everyone knows Jadedcat is biased, even I felt that Eyamaz's desire to remove everything that uses RF power from all of out modpacks due to instability issues was a bit extreme.

I want to take the time to thank Eyamaz for all of his hard work and the time he has dedicated to his B and B pack and I hope that when we find his replacement, we can find someone who can dedicate a bit more time towards making stable packs for the community.******* -- Slowpoke101

It has come to a point now that the amount of time I have been spending on things for FTB has become absurdly demanding. Holding down a full time job and being a father makes things even harder. Regrettably, this as well as few other things has forced me to make a decision.

I will be leaving FTB.

I can not really say my time here has been enjoyable. The long hours have completely ruined sleep for me as well as causing an immense suffering for my family. The constant bickering between @[USER=1388">Jadedcat[/USER"> and I has driven me very close to the edge, making me lose the love for trying to bring a decent product to the community.

I may do one more pack update for Horizons and Monster before I leave for good, and I will be keeping BnB up to date when I can but will be pulling it off the FTB Launcher.

Some may already know of the struggles I have had to go through with dealing with certain things here, but the culmination of this came last night with an argument between @[USER=56">slowpoke[/USER"> , @[USER=1388">Jadedcat[/USER"> and myself. This argument was caught on stream and I have posted a highlight of it here.

Edit: Hope you all enjoyed your April Fool's Day! ~Eyamaz

April 1, 2014, 6:09 pm

Pax East 2014 Challenge Map

We added a new modpack and map onto the launcher today. This map is the challenge map to be used at the upcoming tournament at Pax East.

For those that are interested, you can see a dev commentary of the map here.


March 23, 2014, 10:10 pm

Monster 1.1.0 and Horizons 2.1.0

Its about that time, I think. Both packs are now moving out of beta. At this point, I will not be accepting bugs from pre-beta versions of the packs nor will I be offering support for updating worlds to these versions. If you do wish to update your worlds, you MUST break all rotartycraft shafts and gear boxes before updating (they will be fine in your inventory per Reika, this is the only issue I have as yet found.)

These builds will be moved to recommended on Monday. Change Logs are available in the usual place.

Happy building

March 7, 2014, 9:01 am

Monster 1.0.11 .jar error fix.

What happened?




No really...

This mornings Monster update (1.0.11) ended on the repo with a corrupt Mariculture file that contained a size of 0. I don't exactly know why, since my local copies contained a perfectly fine copy. Interwebz happens.

I have uploaded a fixed, verified, version to the repo that will be available as soon as the sync process finishes. Please wait approximately a half hour from the time of this post and then Force Update your instance if you downloaded 1.0.11 earlier.

sorry for the inconvenience.

February 27, 2014, 12:59 am

Horizons Hot(derp)fix 2.0.1


I'm a derp. I didn't unpack Tropicraft with the 2.0.0 upload. Nor did I include my updated configs that are needed to use it in Horizons. This is why I shouldn't upload while I'm half asleep.

@[USER=16762">VikeStep[/USER"> all you need to put in the changelog is:

"Eyamaz is a derp. This fixes the Tropicraft installation."

have a good night

February 15, 2014, 8:03 am

The slightly overdue updates

or Better Late Than Never...

In this set of updates, ore gen has taken a major overhaul, and I mean a lot.
ATG has also received an update, but you only really need to worry about that if you care
about keeping your world pretty.

Change Logs will be available at the normal place once @[USER=16762">VikeStep[/USER"> gets to them.

Advanced Genetics Item IDs were shifted in the configs. The Blocks are fine, but existing items
will disappear on updating.

AOBD by ganymedes01 added to both Monster and Horizons

Magical Crops also had a major update. From Mark:
"WARNING! This will/can break current worlds with older versions of Magical Crops installed, you have been warned, create a new world in order for this new version to work properly.
Testers have installed this into current worlds, by using either MCEdit or changing all the new ID's to the older ones, you will still get lose of items and plants.

Monster 1.0.10
Better Storage has been removed due to a major dupe bug that occurs only in Monster. Due
to RL things going on with the author, I am not going to press for a fix. To avoid loosing anything
remove all of your items from Better Storage containers before updating.
XACT has also been removed.

Horizons 2.0.0
Horizons has received some new toys...
Forbidden Magic by SpitefulFox
Steve's Factory Manager by VSWE
Tropicraft by Cojo and his Team
XACT has been removed.

Due to some major changes with M3, I can't guarantee a world surviving
an update. I've moved Horizons to 2.0.0 since adding the new mods to show
specifically that a new world should be generated before moving to this update.

Magic World 2 1.1.0
Forbidden Magic added
Moved to stable

Happy VD

February 14, 2014, 11:38 am

A week of nothing

This week you only get three things from me:
The latest versions of Horizons, Monster, and MW2 will move to recommended.

Yes, this does mean I decided to go the no update route before looking at moving packs stable. This does not mean, however, that I [b">AM[/b"> moving them stable, only looking at things I need to finish [b">TO[/b"> push them stable.

Over the course of the next week, I will be looking at worldgen (specifically ores,) recipes (conflicts and/or balance,) and generally a little balance across the board. This also means I need to be sure the current updates being released for several mods are stable (most of which I know currently are,) as well as finalizing some loose ends.

The general configs will also be getting an overhaul this week (busy week.) Up until this point, I have been leaving options/blocks that have been removed in recent updates in the configs for backward compatibility. All this will be removed. I am now (as of two weeks ago, I think) providing a modlist of what mod versions the configs are compiled against to @[USER=1388">Jadedcat[/USER"> which will be passed down to those using the Universal configs. These will still only be updated once a week, but again, not this week.

So the notes for next week go something like this
Ore overhaul (both packs, mainly affecting M3/Horizons)
BoP and Highlands will become enabled by default in Monster
Recipe conflicts
Balance tweaks if needed
Universal configs overhaul
try to break all your things
Finalize modlists

Also remember before updating to the current recommended versions:
ATG world gen was changed. This doesn't mean
you need to restart your world.
Just means abrupt biome changes in existing worlds.


February 4, 2014, 6:41 am

Monster/Horizons Hotfixes

Pardon my tardiness.
I have not been feeling well.

Monster 1.0.9 and Horizons 1.0.13
Fixes typo in ATG.cfg that made all desert worldgen
Fixes render issues with Rotarycraft/Reactorcraft
Readjusts Big Reactors output to 75% of a single Reactorcraft Turbine
Fixes a few recipe conflicts (Monster)

Monster 1.0.8 and Horizons 1.0.12 are now removed from the launcher

January 30, 2014, 6:57 am

Monster, Horizons, and Magic World 2 Updates (1/28/14)

Its about that time again, and this round includes a much over due update for Magic World 2.
I'll be giving a short overview. Change Logs will be a little behind again since I'm pushing these so late,
but will be available in the usual place in the next 24 hours or so.

Magic World 2 1.0.1

Yes. Its finally updated, and I did remember to add WAILA. :p

Horizons 1.0.12
(Horizons 1.0.10 will remain recommended atm)

I was going to be pushing Horizons to stable today, but then I added something.
Carpenter's Blocks has finally made it's appearance.
Though I haven't had any of the previous issues we had a months and a half ago,
I want a larger community testing before making the decision to add it to Monster.

Monster 1.0.8
(Monster 1.0.5 will remain recommended atm)

This is a big push for Monster and a few new mods added.

Highlands makes its first official FTB pack appearance as a .disabled addition next to BoP.
Both are ATG compatible and are configured to work along side each other if both are enabled and ATG is selected.
This also brings Bibliowood - Highlands into the pack with it.

A new maintainer for MPSAddons has appeared and we have been ensured he is a quality programmer and welcome him to the community.
I am normally wary and wait awhile before picking up mods that switch hands if I don't know the new maintainer,
but I'm told MachineMuse herself vouched for them by a colleague.

Now the part you get to hate me for.


Impending World Reset!
Both Horizons 1.0.12 and Monster 1.0.8

I changed some stuff in the ATG configs and enabled Dye Trees by default (Monster only.)
Give me input, I like it better.

I'm getting this out of the way before declaring either pack stable.

Because I'm a horrible horrible person.

While I highly recommend updating to the newest versions, it may mess with your worldgen.
Next week both of these versions will be moved to recommended on the launcher.


January 28, 2014, 2:18 pm

PSA: Monster 1.0.6 and 1.0.7 Hotfix

In a few hours I'll be uploading Monster 1.0.7 due to about 5 configs being rolled backwards for some odd reason. Non of the mods themselves from 1.0.6 have changed at all, except one.
I am temporarily putting Open Blocks in as .disabled until we can figure out a fix for the issue with the Graves bug as this bug is quite critical. Though I have turned graves off in the configs, they are still spawning at player death, and players are unable to get there inventory back. Turning them on in the configs still does not fix the loss of inventory issue.


Issue resolved. big thanks to @[USER=33170">meuqsaco[/USER"> for reminding me that OpenBlocks supports ID=0.

Changelogs will be available at the usual place once @[USER=16762">VikeStep[/USER"> gets to them.

January 22, 2014, 8:26 am

Horizons 1.0.9 and Monster 1.0.3

With the release of these two updates, I highly recommend a world reset. There have been substantial changes to some of world generation for both packs as well as changes to BoP if you use that generation on its own, or with ATG. Continuing a world with either update is at your own risk.

That aside, I have been profiling the packs to find ways around the lag. As always, the link to my JVM arguments can be found in my signature. The start of the new year also starts some major revisions to these profiling against Monster. Do note, not everyone will get the same results from them, and some people may not receive any benefit (based on your computer specs.)

Horizons 1.0.8 and Monster 1.0.2 will NOT be moved to recommended. The versions being put on the launcher now, will be pushed to recommended on Thursday barring nothing unfortunate. If nothing else major shows its face, both packs should be pushed to stable (versions 1.1.x) within the next week or two.

Change Logs can be viewed here as always.

December 31, 2013, 3:27 am

Important Update News Read Before Updating any Pack

In any modpack that either has Railcraft or you have added Railcraft to :

Railcraft's invisible tracking block was removed because of a bug. It is a bug in Vanilla Minecraft that will be partially fixed when Forge is updated. The safest option is to keep Railcraft hidden blocks off as it is the only mod that uses this flawed Vanilla code without player interaction.

Edited to Add : We have reports that Thaumcraft Arcane Lamps and Factorization Wrath Lamps may also cause this issue. Try not to use them unless you have updated to TE3 11b.

December 19, 2013, 3:13 am

1.6.4 Modpack releases

Change Logs for all packs available here

After a long delay, modpacks for 1.6.4 have finally started to appear on the FTB launcher. Over the last couple of days you will have noticed the addition of the Horizons Modpack, which is a new pack designed to showcase a whole new series of mods. At the time of writing the updated version of the modpack designed to accompany the Direwolf20 Youtube series is showing up on the launcher although the servers are getting hit hard as we expected so please be patient. We are trying to get extra servers up to cope with the demand at the moment.

Over the coming days we will be adding further packs, bringing back new versions of old favorites Magic World 2 and Tech World 2. An all new version of FTB lite is coming, which is designed to bring the modded experience for lower spec computers. (Our goal is to have these work ok on 32bit machines). Moving beyond that we have several other packs in the works including of course an all new feature pack to replace Unleashed. The pack list for this is pretty much sorted and internal testing will begin shortly (We imagine that we will need about 2 weeks of testing for this pack, but hope to have it out for Christmas)

For server admins, you will notice that our packs now all include Opis which is a tool designed to help you profile your servers. This is now going to be a standard inclusion in FTB packs and we intent to extend our support of server profiling in the future. There is plenty more news to come over the coming weeks, so keep an eye on the Forums, the Twitter (@FTB_Team) and the FTB Reddit (www.reddit/r/ for the latest information.

Also a lot of these packs are being tested live by various streamers, so if you want to stay in touch, check out the following people on

These are the streamers on the FTB Testing Server. They are testing the not yet released packs.


Other streamers will be added to this list as we go.

December 10, 2013, 5:28 pm

Why no new launcher.

I know everyone is asking this question. Where is the FTB launcher for 1.6.4 onwards. I understand that there has not been a massive amount of information forthcoming and the truth is that its been a question thats been difficult to answer. Quite honestly it is still a difficult question to answer. However I hope that this post is going to go some way into explaining why its been such a problem.

When the first launcher was released, whilst it was functional, a lot of lessons were learned and people like UNV_annihilator joined the team. They started to work on cleaning up the code as much as was possible. However back then the original launcher was written inside of 2 weeks and we could never have anticipated how popular it would be. Soon after that UNV and JJW started planning a new improved launcher that would take the place of the existing launcher and address some fundamental problems with the original one.

The first of these was the way we distributed the packs themselves. To try and explain, we first need to look at how the current launcher distributes mods. Right now what happens is that when you download say the Unleashed pack. you actually download the entire pack in one go. Then say we update that pack, you have to again download the entire pack. Then lets say you download the Direwolf20 pack, you again download everything in one go. This method is simple to operate, however its totally inefficient.

The new launcher is designed to work differently. Now we are looking at a system where you only download the mods and specifically the versions of the mods you need. So for example, you download the unleashed pack and then an update comes out. Instead of re-downloading everything again you will now only download the mods that have been updated. Then lets say you want to install Direwolf20, the new launcher will check what mods you have downloaded and first copy mods from there, this means it only has to download the mods you actually need from our servers. This makes pack construction more efficient. However it changes the way we have to make packs, instead of making the packs like normal, we essentially write out a list of the mods a pack needs, and then send that list to the launcher. Then the launcher uses that list to make up a mod pack.

So this is where the first problem comes in. This list that we have to make up is fairly complicated and for reasons that will be explained more a little later in this post, we cant just let people write these out by hand. There needs to be a way of automating this list and we need to be clear what information is in the list and where it is put. Right now this is still up for discussion and has been changed several times. Next is the look of the launcher, getting this right has proved challenging, especially as one of the things planned for the new launcher is the ability for people to add their own custom skin to it.

Moving on to the next bit and this is something that has been planned for a long time but we have not spoken about it outside of people in FTB and in private messages to mod developers. In the new launcher the plan is to totally revamp the way third party mod packs work. Right now if you want to design your own mod pack and have the FTB launcher install it for you, you can. However the method to do so is quite honestly horrid. Third Party pack developers have to jump through a thousand hoops in order to get a pack on the launcher and then to get one updated means they have to go through even more and then if a mistake is made it becomes a bit of a nightmare for all. Then there is this whole business of permissions for mods. Right now we ask that each mod-pack developer is responsible for getting their own permissions. Whilst this is ok for general packs meant for general use. Those packs that are designed for individual servers (what we used to call private packs) then the permissions system wasn't really appropriate.

With the new launcher this is all about to change. The idea is this, say you want to run a server and want to make your own pack and configs etc for it. You will come to the FTB website and essentially log into an area of the website set up for this purpose. There you will see a list of pre-approved mods. These are mods where we have general permission from the mod developer to allow us to essentially pass on our permissions to the third party. Either this or an open source mod that already gives open permission. From this list, you will be able to essentially tick the boxes next to the mod that you want in your pack. Then if there is a mod that you want to use that isn't on our list as long as you have permission for that mod, you can just upload it yourself along with a config file and a couple of images and your pack will be constructed automatically and added onto the launcher. Then if you need to update, just log back in make the adjustments, hit submit and again the changes are sent to the launcher automatically. This isn't the whole story but its enough of it to give people a basic idea. The point is, this will simplify the process of constructing and updating third party packs hugely and will open this up to a lot more people. (For the sake of clarity, this is not something saying people wont need permissions for mods in mod-packs that we distribute any more, this is me saying that once this is up and running, in the case of packs designed for individual servers as opposed to packs meant for general use there will be a large list of mods that you will be able to use the permissions that FTB has. (These permissions only extend to the actual packs that we distribute and do not extend to other methods of distribution)

There are other issues, but these are the main ones and unfortunately for one reason or another we have been faced with ongoing delays. So, lets talk about what are we going to do about it. As I said a couple of months ago, we were going to make changes to FTB so things were run a bit more professionally. We are still in the same position where no one is getting paid, everyone is still a volunteer and I cant force people to work. However there are thing that we can do and have done.

First - Although I cant mention a name yet. I recently added a new member to the FTB team. This is a person highly respected in the minecraft modding community. This person has essentially been taken on to oversee launcher development. This in and of itself has added to the delays as this person has made some changes and suggestions that we will be making to improve the launcher.

Second - Internal communication. We have now added a new system for internal communication and started having actual meetings between a large group of FTB staff to help get things more organised.

Third We have pulled in outside help from the modding community to help with work on the launcher itself.

Forth - Whilst Wyld has resigned from FTB to allow him to focus on streaming. Jadedcat has returned and we added in Eyamaz onto the mod-pack team. Together they are working extremely hard to make sure that when the launcher is ready, we have mod-packs good to go. The plan is on day 1 to have 3-4 proper, fully tested FTB packs for 1.6.4. Alongside this, as soon as we can, we are going to open up the tools for mod pack creation to the third party pack people to allow them to transition over to 1.6.4 as smoothly as possible. Finally, we will be releasing in full the FTB master config list in order to help in the construction of packs.

Right now, FTB is at a pretty low point, I know it and everyone around here knows it. It isn't like this because we don't care, its the exact opposite. This new launcher has to be right and I have said all along, I don't want us to release it until it is right. I would love to give an ETA, but honestly its just an invented number. The truth is we just don't know at the moment. The list of things that need doing is not very long but some of them are pretty big. Making the web interface for all this is no small task.

As a final note, FTB has largely been built on the backs of help from the many volunteers. This remains and if anyone feels they have the skills needed to join the team and help (right now specifically on the Launcher development and website development) please feel free to contact me via a pm on the forums. Whilst I always appreciate offers from people, right now unfortunately we do not have room to take on people who are still learning how to code etc. We need people who are already experienced and ready to join the team.

Anyways I know that for most of you, this isn't what you wanted to read, however at least now you are all up to date with where we are.

Before I sign off here, I want to mention something briefly. I am told that this post comes across a little bit doom and gloomy. If you gt that impression then I apologise.(Seriously screw you spell checker, I will spell my ise's with an S and not a Z and you can take your squiggly red line and well moving on) What I tried to do is tell stuff like it is, however I don't want you to get the impression that things are like terrible here right now. Honestly if anything the opposite is true, I am genuinely optimistic about a lot of the work that's going on round here at the moment. Whilst there is no new launcher out and just like everyone else I really want to see one, I don't want to see it rushed out for the sake of it. Some of the ideas that we have for the future are pretty ambitious if they are done right. This isn't stuff that's being done in the future, its being worked on right now and my hope is this wont take a lot of time to do. Once we are through this painful bit, then we should be set up for the future and this launcher whilst it will evolve shouldn't need another rewrite. If further information comes up then I will get that information out as soon as I am able to.

December 4, 2013, 11:11 am

FTB Store. Looking for input on what people want.

Please take a second to just respond to the following poll. It would be helpful if you could maybe pick a maximum of 3 items. Thiis is to give us an idea of what items it is worth investing in for the store.



October 7, 2013, 3:22 pm

FTB T-Shirts etc now available.

For everyone thats been waiting for the FTB Store to open, we can finally bring you some good news. As of a few hours ago, the online store finally opened at

FTB Store

Right now the range is limited but will expand over time. Also just so that we can get features we want in place and check everything is running smoothly we are keeping this to FTB merchandise. However, over the next few weeks the plan is to start to add merchandise from various mod developers, streamers and youtubers.

When it comes to the garments themselves. We have tried to use the best quality t-shirts, hoodies etc that we can and I hope that every order goes out exactly as it should. However if you do have any problems you can contact us at

[email">[email protected][/email">

This email is monitored by staff at both the distributors and FTB.

If you have any items, suggestions of things you would like to see on the store. Then feel free to leave a comment. (please keep the suggestions serious and keep em clean.) I dont really want it to turn into a store that just puts its name on anything and everything, but if we see a decent suggestion we can look into it. However new items planned so far include

If any good suggestions come up, I can add it to this list.

October 5, 2013, 9:45 am

FTB Sponsorships

Recently I released a thread talking about FTB Turning into a business entity allowing us to raise funds to enable us to move forwards and grow. With this in mind I want to make this follow-up post to announce a series of deals that have been made.

FTB Launcher Sponsor.


For a while now I have been talking to the guys over at [url">[/url"> and they have helped out with various projects including artwork etc. They produce a series of high quality vinyl prints of either your own minecraft avatar as well as vinyls of your favorite Minecraft Players. We have come to an agreement which will enable FTB to promote both 'Noggins' and 'Doodz' on the FTB launcher. You can see a preview of your own Dood on the upcoming launcher itself and you will find a shortcut there taking you direct to their online store where you can find these vinyls and more available for purchase. I can say that I have seen these vinyls myself and the quality is awesome.

FTB Forum Sponsor


In today's age, its not enough to just have a good server. Many players want to be able to talk to their friends as well. There are many different solutions to this problem and I have probably used them all. A new service though from though really stands out. Servers are free for up to 6 users and beyond that you can rent a low cost premium server directly from them. There is no need to worry about complicated setups or having a place to host the server as everything is hosted via their own servers.

For those looking for a bit more customisation, the permissions system is excellent and offers great flexibility and with premium accounts comes the ability to add custom themes onto the server itself. Even getting new members onto the server is simple as your server is given its own link so once the new player has downloaded the client, your server automatically shows up on the players list.

Finally as the IP addresses are hidden and the servers hardened, you have protection from DDoS attacks which are becoming more prevalent in this day and age.

I have spoken to the owners of both of these businesses extensively and am more than happy to have been able to form a partnership with both of them. Like FTB they are both young companies that want to deliver a great product. I can happily recommend both the companies and their products to every fan of FTB.

Last but not least.

FTB Merchandise and the Online Store.

Right now the goal is to have the store up and operational on or around the 1st October. (it may be a couple of days late, there is still a lot to do. Initially we will be selling a limited range of FTB merchandise, but this will grow over time as we get everything settled into place. In week one so we can ensure that standards are met and the quality is where it should be, there will be a limited amount of t-shirts sweatshirts and hoodies available. We expect demand to be quite high so we have a plan in place if we do sell out quickly. Right now, we are in unknown territory and honestly I have no idea what to expect, so if we do encounter a few problems along the way, please bare with us, we will do our utmost to get these resolved as soon as possible.

p.s. yes there is a new launcher, yes it is coming soon, yes we are working on packs for 1.6.2. more details will come over time.

September 27, 2013, 6:14 pm

Launcher Update 1.2.7

Update: Seems to be an issue with the new GeoDNS, should be fixed shortly.

Update 2: GeoDNS issues should be fixed, during the GeoDNS issues there was a possibility for antivirus to flag it as malicious, however, that was a false positive and you shouldn't see it flagged again in the future as it was purely related to the DNS issue.

Hello everyone, quick announcement from me about the most recent launcher update.

For starters if you want a change-log then feel free to check it out over here.

Now onto some detailed information regarding the main changes and some additional changes to the repository.

So one of the main issues we had with our repository was the generation and caching of md5's server side.* These issues would cause updates to take 8+ hours almost every time we push an update for anything. The reasons for these issues were because the repository was not setup to handle md5s originally, it was added on top of it. To fix this issues Paul and the great people over at Creeper Host spent quite a bit of time changing up the the repository back end and mainly the generation and retrieval of md5s. However, due to all the changes I had to rewrite a fair bit of the download code on the launcher side to support the changes.

Now besides this greatly reducing the possibility for md5 issues this also should help improve performance server side quite a lot. We are making these changes and improvements now so we can test and fix up any issues if they occur now so that when the new launcher (v2.0) comes out everything works smoothly.

As another note we're rolling the changes out incrementally as to provide everyone ample time to swap over to the newest version of the launcher and to reduce issues if something was to fail on the current md5 method. Due to this we've essentially split the servers in half currently and will be slowly transferring the remaining servers onto the new method and back-end once we feel we've given users ample time to update and the new system is proven to be stable. A side effect of this might be slower downloads due to our servers being split, but as we update the other servers you should get your normal speeds again. Another possible issue with the servers available being changed is if you had a specific download server selected under the advanced options of your launcher then it would be a good idea to check your options after the update to be sure you have the correct server selected (Unseen side-effect, I apologize for the inconvenience this might bring to some).

I hope everyone enjoys the modpacks and hopefully nothing breaks ;)

*(MD5's are used to verify the integrity of files/downloads between the launcher and the repository.)

-unv annihilator
FTB Launcher Developer

September 12, 2013, 7:52 pm

FTB Invitational roundup


[LEFT">The final amount raised has been confirmed and has blown away all my expectations. We went into this event hoping we could maybe match last years $10,000. Instead we destroyed it. With signed T-Shirts from FTB, Myself and Direwolf helping to raise over $7000 of the total and an amazing 430 separate donators over the weekend. The event can only be viewed as an overall success. I personally want to thank everyone who took part in the event and helped to make it what it was. [/LEFT">
[LEFT"> [/LEFT">
[LEFT">For those that are interested, we plan to get the map onto the launcher as soon as we can, so everyone can jump on and take a look around. (beware its a bit laggy :p)[/LEFT">
[LEFT"> [/LEFT">
[LEFT">Some images.[/LEFT">
[LEFT"> [/LEFT">

September 10, 2013, 11:10 am

More news about FTB's Future. (Important announcement)

I have written many threads in the past, this is probably going to be the most controversial one I have ever ever written though. So I am going to break this down into 3 parts in order to help me get the information across in the best way I can.

So first the change. At some point in the next couple of weeks FTB will change from being a purely volunteer led enterprise into a legitimate registered Business. This is being done to allow us to start to do several things that we are currently unable to do. The first being it will allow us to sell FTB merchandise through our website. The second will allow us to also give mod developers the opportunity to sell their own merchandise through the FTB shop. Moving on from this we are also exploring the possibility of adding a second sponsor onto the FTB launcher. Finally it will give us the opportunity to add some very limited advertising onto the website.

So why are we doing this and why now? The honest answer is this is something that it is something that has been discussed for a fairly long period of time and I have always been highly reluctant to actually let this happen. The mentality I have always add is we were never in FTB for the money, we did it for the love of the project.

So what has changed? The reality is that FTB has grown far larger than any of us ever expected and it continues to grow. We also have several opportunities that were just not around when we started. As an example, invites to conventions and chances to do panels and events at these conventions. I have been fortunate to have received personal funding to go to a couple of these, however I would also like to give this opportunity to other members of the team. Revenue from merchandise and sponsorship may enable us to do this. There are also other areas that we want to look at like expanding into other games and trying to bring a much higher quality product to everyone.

Finally the running of FTB has almost become a full time job for some members of the team and whilst I dont expect to generate enough revenue to start hiring people, at the very least I may be able to help them out a little bit.

But. profiting off the mods and all that. This is something that we have looked at and also spoke to several mod developers about. Firstly we wont actually be including any specific mods in our own merchandise. This will be more about the FTB brand and as an example the artwork on our site and launcher. Secondly, we will be opening a shop as part of our website and all mod developers will be given the opportunity to sell merchandise relating to their own mod through the shop.

So launcher sponsorship. Right now there is currently a sponsorship deal in place and their always has been. This is the sponsorship deal we have with Creeperhost and is one that has been of benefit to both parties. We want to look into the possibility of adding a second sponsor onto the launcher.

On the subject of the launcher, there is one thing to be made very clear.

People will never ever be asked to pay to use the FTB launcher, to download any mod pack or for any updates.

This is sacrosanct. The launcher is the heart of FTB and we have no intentions of doing anything that forces anyone into actually paying for anything.

So what happens next, the first step will be the opening of the shop. We expect this to happen in the next couple of weeks. Samples have already been made and you can get a rough idea of what we are looking at here

Unleashed Hoodie
Ultimate T-Shirt

One thing that should be of note, whilst working on the samples for these items is the insistence that the actual T-Shirts and the printing should be to the highest standards. We have deliberately gone for premium t-shirts and a premium printing option. I want the levels to be of as close to collector quality as I can get.

The minimal amount of market survey that we have done for this has shown the level of demand for the t-shirts etc to be quite high so initially over the first week or 2 we will have a staggered release to ensure that the printers can physically keep up. On day one the plan is to take orders for 250 t-shirts/sweatshirts hoodies. If there is a need after that we will then probably start to take pre-orders. Right now it is impossible to say how large demand will be, but there are plans in place in case there is a larger than anticipated demand.

Finally, I understand that there are people who will get upset about this or wont be happy. I totally accept this and in some ways I agree. But I also know that if FTB is to continue to grow and get better beyond what it is now, then changes need to be made in order to help facilitate that.

(This thread will be left open for a bit for comments. Please feel free to post negative comments if you wish, however I would ask you to moderate those comments and remember that we have people of all ages reading this site :).

Finally although I have said this once, we should again make the point that we are not now nor ever going to ask for any form of payment for either use of the launcher or downloading of any pack.

September 4, 2013, 7:43 pm

FTB Invitational Charity Event This Weekend.

Starting this Friday (time will be confirmed via our twitter account (@FTB_Team and @slowpoke101) We will be hosting an invitational charity event live on We expect this event to last the entire weekend and the plan is to have someone streaming for the entire weekend. Right now you will be able to find live streams on the following websites

Ebay Link : [url">[/url">

More names will be added to this list as we get details. There will also be several special guests along the way to help out.

So what are we doing?

We are going to return to the roots of FTB and take part in the FTB Insanity Multiplayer map. Our goal is to complete the entire map during the weekend and at the same time raise as much money as we can for charity.

What charity.

Our plan is to again raise money for the awesome Child's Play. Child's Play is an incredible charity that is set up to help improve the lives of children in hospitals throughout the world. They use money raised to buy games consoles, games, and other related items for these hospitals which then help to improve the lives of the children during their stay.

Where can you donate.

Links will be added shortly to allow you to donate from this thread. There will also be links on the stream itself.

something special.

We recently attended an event in the UK called Insomnia. This was a convention that was also attended by several members of FTB, The Yogscast, Fyre UK, Mindcrack and others. Whilst there we managed to get some of them to sign a very special t-shirt.

This was the first FTB T-Shirt that was printed and the intention is to auction the t-shirt during the weekend event. All proceeds from this will also be donated to childs play.

Please take the time to stop by and check out the stream even if it is only to say Hi :p


September 4, 2013, 6:51 pm

Direwolf 20 Pack Update News

Server files should be working.

[S">Update: [S">Important[/S">: The upload of the DW20 1.1.4 Server files lost some bits and bytes in upload. We are uploading a fixed version. We will update this post when the fixed version is available. If you download a version and Windows explorer says it is a corrupt zip file you have gotten the bad version. It won't kill your computer it just won't work.[/S">

OK so as everyone knows we have had some issues with the Direwolf20 pack and have been looking for the best solution to the issue. The following is the steps that we have taken to help resolve these problems.

The existing Direwolf20 pack will remain on the launcher as a private pack using the code DW20, you will be able to re-add this to your launcher for compatibility with existing worlds. this pack will receive no further updates.

There will be a v2 of the Direwolf20 pack uploaded today and will replace the old pack as a general pack. This pack will require world restart and starts at version 1.1.3. This pack's changelog can be found here. Direwolf20 1.1.3 changelog. T

Also we have added Unleashed 1.1.4 and Direwolf20 1.1.4 for testing purposes. (These can be found in the version dropdown box) and the changelog for that can be found here. and in the above Direwolf20 threads.

(These may take a couple of hours before the downloads work)

KNOWN ID MISMATCH THING (Not a bug read for more info)

[quote="p4_, post: 411542, member: 71616"">Mod Pack: Direwolf20 1.5.2 (v1.1.4)

I was under the impression that a world created with the code "Iwanttorestartmyworld" would be transferable to the later versions without ID issues.

I created a new world with that code and have been playing it for a while.

I downloaded the latest version and copied my world folder to the save folder in the latest version of the mod pack, however upon attempting to load the save I receive the following ID mismatches:

Anyone know what's up?[/quote">

Press ok. We hit this during testing. (I'll make a post about it) A couple mods changed the names of items, which causes the game to say the id is mismatched for example:

[FONT=Tahoma">Fir wood slabs used to be ExtraTrees_fir_slab and is now BinnieCore_fir_slab (not exactly but close) .. same id, same item, different name and the game goes "waaaah mismatched items" we couldn't find any instances where items disappeared when loading up save games after pressing ok and we had a lot of people testing and yanking their hair out, it is unlikely items will vanish if you are updating from the "Iwanttorestartmyworld" to 1.1.3 (insert standard disclaimer)[/FONT">

August 28, 2013, 9:48 am

New Launcher/Website

News from insomnia regarding the new Launcher and Website

Click here to view article

Thanks to all who visited our panel earlier!

August 25, 2013, 12:30 pm

Important - For Users of Direwolf20_1_5 Modpack - Urgent feedback needed.

Update : The public recommended pack for Direwolf20 is 1.1.3 with a test 1.1.4 version. If you are using 1.1.2 or earlier swapping to this pack will require a world restart. If you were using the previously released private 1.1.3 pack with the code " iwanttorestartmyworld" you world should swap to the new public 1.1.3 just fine. (baring acts of aliens, computer derps, java derps or other unforeseen difficulties)

If you want to keep a 1.1.2 or earlier world you will need to use the private pack code "DW20"to access the older versions. Those versions of the pack will not be updated, upgraded or changed. If you stay on 1.1.2 or earlier the only way to fix bugs is to manually update mods yourself or convert to the 1.1.3 public pack knowing you will more then likely need to restart your world.

[spoiler"> Update: DW20 is available for testing on the launcher under the private pack code Iwanttorestartmyworld , Using this pack before a tool is released to convert worlds will require a world reset. This pack brings DW20 ID's in line with Unleashed ID's. DW20 and Unleashed now use Master Configs. This means they have configs for all the mods in Unleashed ,Unhinged and DW20. You should be able to take a mod from Unhinged or DW20 and put it in Unleashed etc. Unhinged does not use the Master configs, you will not be able to put a mod from Unleashed or DW20 into Unhinged and have it work. Please post any bugs we need to look at in the bug report thread.

Update: Unleashed 1.1.3 is now the recommended version. DW20 1.1.3 is still up for testing as we are waiting on a bug fix. Once DW20 1.1.3 is pushed to recommended world ID mismatches will occur with worlds created with 1.1.2 . Future versions of DW20 will work off the id's used for 1.1.3.

[FONT=arial">So as I am sure a lot of people have realised now. There are problems with the Direwolf20 Modpack that is currently out there. There are a number of fixes we can do to resolve this, however I do not want to make this decision without consulting the community.[/FONT">

[FONT=arial">First Let me try and explain how this has happened. So initially the aim is that configs from Unleashed should match the configs from all our packs. This means that the configs from BoP in Unleashed should as far as ids go, match the configs of DW20. They are meant to be identical in order to help prevent mistakes like what has just happened. However, an error was made and this never happened this time. However the mistake wasn't realised until we updated the config of BoP in the unleashed pack and as always just copy it over into the DW20 pack in order to maintain this consistency. This would have been fine, except the configs were different right from the first day. So we had this.[/FONT">


[FONT=arial">I:"Holy Dirt ID"=170[/FONT">
[FONT=arial">I:"Holy Grass ID"=169[/FONT">

[FONT=arial">I:"Holy Dirt ID"=254[/FONT">
[FONT=arial">I:"Holy Grass ID"=255[/FONT">

[FONT=arial">I:"Holy Dirt ID"=170[/FONT">
[FONT=arial">I:"Holy Grass ID"=169[/FONT">

[FONT=arial">I:"Holy Dirt ID"=254[/FONT">
[FONT=arial">I:"Holy Grass ID"=255[/FONT">

[FONT=arial">I:"Holy Dirt ID"=254[/FONT">
[FONT=arial">I:"Holy Grass ID"=255[/FONT">

[FONT=arial">I:"Holy Dirt ID"=254[/FONT">
[FONT=arial">I:"Holy Grass ID"=255[/FONT">

[FONT=arial">As you can see, individually both configs work on their own until you mix them as happened in 1.1.2. Then the second error was made. Normally the procedure is to turn on all the disabled mods in the launcher and then the same in the server and run both and then log into the server to check for ID conflicts. This never happened, probably because the people involved were tired and had been up all night checking configs and updating the pack etc. No matter what the reason, this leads us on to now. After doing a full check, it seems that there are more instances where the configs of the pack dont match up. These do not seem to be causing any further ID Conflicts however it means the packs have different conflicts which isnt good. On top of this it appears that 3 Mods may need to be rolled back to earlier versions due to problems with the versions we have in our packs.[/FONT">

[FONT=arial">So where does this leave us. Essentially with 2 choices, we can do a band aid patch on the DW20 pack, fixing just the conflict and backdating the relevent mods. Or we can do a full fix and bring the packs back to where they should be. So the question then is what are the consequences.[/FONT">

[FONT=arial">First the band Aid: This should leave most DW20 1.5 worlds mostly intact (esp if you have not been to the promised land) and even in that case, reasonably easy to repair. However then the 2 packs would be out of synch.[/FONT">

[FONT=arial">The second is a proper repair, getting DW20 pack back to where it should be, however there would be enough changes done to IDs. that world restarts may be needed.[/FONT">

[FONT=arial">This is a pretty important decision though and one that needs input from the affected community.[/FONT">

[FONT=arial">On a final note. I wont be giving out names or who was involved or anything. It was a mistake, mistakes happen especially when people are tired. I also dont want to see anyone else trying to assign blame in this, it doesnt accomplish anything. What I really need here is input on which of the steps you feel we should take.[/FONT">



[FONT=arial">New Update: We have decided to go with the full fix. There is a delay currently. We have the configs set up and the new mod updates tested to load without crashing.While we finish testing we are working on finding a way to make it less likely for worlds to need resets on the DW20 pack. We are hoping to have a solution to prevent unnecessary restarts. Update : The new packs are ready for community testing however right now we are having issues uploading them to the repo (server) the launcher accesses. This is something we have no control over. When we can get them on the launcher we will. [/spoiler">[/FONT">

August 3, 2013, 11:00 pm

FTB Ultimate and other older modpacks.

It seems that we are still getting a lot of people asking questions about the futures of the modpacks on the launcher that we maintain. This post is going to try and clear up as much of this as possible.

FTB Ultimate (1.4.7) This Modpack is currently locked and there are no plans to update this pack in the future. The main reason for this is due to the lack of an update to Red Power 2. Tests to make an update without Red Power did not end well.

Direwolf 20 (1.4.7) Pack. Although this is not up to me my understanding is this pack is locked and there are no plans to provide an update in the future. There is currently a 2nd Direwolf 20 pack on the launcher based around his SMP series and the mods on Forgecraft.

Mindcrack Pack (1.4.7) Again my understanding is this pack is currently locked. We hope there will be a updated mindcrack pack in the future. (This new pack will probably not be compatible with the 1.4.7 version due to the lack of a Red Power 2 update.

Yogcraft Modpack (1.4.7) This pack is currently locked and there are currently no plans for an update to this pack. (Yogscast tend to stay with the same modpack for quite a while)

FTB Lite (1.4.7) This modpack is locked. There may be a new lite pack in the future, but there are no current plans for this.

Magic World (1.4.7) This pack is locked, Magic World 2 is in an early planning stage, this new modpack will not be compatible with old worlds and will provide a much more focused gameplay experience.

Tech World 1.4.7) This pack is locked, Tech World 2 is in an early planning stage, this new modpack will not be compatible with old worlds and will provide a much more focused gameplay experience.

The FTB Beta Packs (152wgt and 152ngt) these are now locked beta packs that will not be updated beyond what they are now. Both packs will be removed from the launcher once the 152 packs are fully public.

FTB Unleashed. (1.5.2) This is our new feature pack and is intended to provide an all round gaming experience that provides something for everyone. It is intended that worlds created in this pack will work with the 1.6 update although this is dependant on mod updates.

FTB Unhinged (1.5.2) This is a new pack designed in consutation with GregT. It is intended that worlds created in this pack will work with the 1.6 update although this is dependant on mod updates.
Direwolf20_1_5 (1.5.2) This is a pack that is based around Direwolfs current adventures on Forgecraft. It is unknown at this time if the pack will be updated beyond 1.5.2. (A new pack is planned for 1.6)
Hopefully this will answer most of your questions.

July 21, 2013, 2:05 pm

New Mod Packs ***Released***

Introducing new mod packs live for beta testing on the FTB Launcher. You can get the codes here

FTB Unleashed is our new all purpose modpack. The latest news on the included mods can be found here.

FTB Unhinged is a new modpack that has been built in consultation with GregT from gregtech. This is a more focused pack aimed at giving users a new kind of challenge. Mods in this pack have been set to hard mode.

The latest list of mods for Unhinged can be found here.


An all new modpack for 1.5.2 designed be the awesome Direwolf 20 based around his experiences on the Forgecraft server. A full list of mods for this pack can be found here.

These packs are currently all designed for use with Minecraft 1.5.2.

Mod pack updates to follow shortly

July 20, 2013, 12:13 am


We heard that some of you would like some FTB wallpapers, well that is exactly what our awesome graphic designer BigBad has done!

Above ground downloads:

Below ground:

Alternate logo location:
Above ground: 1920x1080
Below ground: 1920x1080

No logo:
Above ground: 1920x1080
Below ground: 1920x1080

Enjoy and once again a massive thanks to BigBad for drawing these!

July 12, 2013, 11:00 pm

FTB Wiki Open to Community Writers

The wiki has been opened up for anyone who wishes to write articles. After verifying you email you can start creating articles. Once approved by a staff member the articles will be readable on the main wiki site.

Apparently there is some confusion as to which wiki is meant. The Official Wiki is the one that has finally opened. Also to clear up some other confusion, there are no ads on the official wiki. If you are seeing ads, its not the official wiki.

July 2, 2013, 5:00 pm

Reorder of modpacks

Today we fixed the order of the modpacks to make more sense in terms of what people use so don't me alarmed if you have problems finding your modpack it is still there it's just in a different place in the list!

June 24, 2013, 3:29 pm

New Texturepack!

I am proud to announce that a new Texture Pack is now available on the launcher.

This Texture pack is the John Smith Technicians remix, and it is currently available for Ultimate, Mindcrack and Direwolf20.

Go download it and try it out!

June 18, 2013, 7:31 pm

Launcher v2 Update!

Here is a screenshot and video from the new launcher.

This launcher is in development and is expected to be released with the 1.6 minecraft update.


May 27, 2013, 9:53 pm

Mod Pack Update

I just wanted to put up a quick update with regards to the very latest news of the upcoming pack releases. Please note that from this point on all of these posts come with the following disclaimer.

* This outlined timeline is our current estimated time for release. No promises are given or guarantees offered. These are the timelines we hope to achieve, however sometimes unforeseen events prevent us from achieving these goals.*

Having said that, the final versions of 1.4.7 Ultimate, Direwolf20 and Mindcrack packs are in final testing right now. Essentially these contain several mod updates to their final 1.4.7 versions and in the case of the Mindcrack pack the mod Bibliocraft will be added in. Unless something critical comes from somewhere, the next updates to any of these packs isn't expected until several weeks after the release of 1.6 at the earliest. These updates should be on the launcher for open testing in the next 24 hours and pushed to recommended a couple of days after.

Final testing for the 1.5 pack will take place Monday, however this shouldnt need to take more than a couple of days and we currently expect it to be available on the launcher sometime next week. The initial pack is expected to release on 1.5.1 initially and be updated to 1.5.2 as and when mod updates permit. This will remain something of a preview pack for the duration of 1.5 with the aim of moving it to recommended sometime during the 1.6 Minecraft cycle although it is to early to say on that.

Once that is complete, work will then start on a new pack entitled Magicworld 2. This is a featured follow-up to Magicworld. This pack should be much more focused than the first Magicworld pack with some of the old techy mods that were in Magicworld removed and some nice new mods added in. There is no mod list for this pack available as we are still confirming some of the mods. I cannot give an eta on this yet as there are a couple of pack critical mods that are not yet ready for release in this pack and we will need to wait on those being ready.

That pretty much covers the latest I think and if any further news becomes available I will get that information out.

1.5.2 beta pack: [url">[/url">

May 5, 2013, 5:27 am

Feed The Beast - Redpower and 1.5.x

For several weeks there has been a lot of speculation as to what is going to happen in 1.5 with regards to mods packs and mods. Most of the speculation has again revolved around Redpower 2 and whether or not it will be included. The reason that comments have been kept to a minimum is because essentially we didn't know and at that time we had not yet reached a point where the decision had to be made. However that time has passed and we are now at a point where a decision has to be made.

Over the last couple of weeks I have had many conversations with various people from members of the FTB team to mod developers and just watching threads to get a general feel for how the community feels. So today I want to end the speculation. For right now we will be staying on 1.4.7 as our recommended builds. This is as things stand likely to continue on till probably the 1.6 update from Mojang. We will be releasing a 1.5.x pack, although this pack will be added as a Private pack so people will need to add a password to have the pack show up on the launcher. Right now we plan to keep this as a Beta Pack and it will be loosely based on the Ultimate Pack. Redpower 2 will not be included in this pack as, as things stand we do not know when an update will appear. If during the 1.5.x period an update appears we can take another look at the situation and maybe add it in at a later date. However the pack will see some awesome new mods added in. including the revamped Mine Factory Reloaded, Tinkers Construct and others. We are recommending that this pack is only used on new worlds and I expect to release 2 versions of this pack. (1 with gregtech hard mode included and then another one that will either have gregtech totally disabled or more like with gregtech included but the configs switched out so that recipes from other mods remain in their original mode (aka easy mode)).

I know that there are a lot of people worried about the loss of features from Redpower, however I do not ever want to go back to a situation where an entire pack is left waiting on one mod and I am pretty sure Eloraam or any other modder would feel exactly the same. I also never want to create a situation where a developer feels they have to work harder or faster than they normally would in order to meet the demands of FTB. That is not the way it is meant to be. It is our job to work around them, not the other way around.

So lets talk about timetables. Right now we are going to be putting out (it may already be out by the time you read this) a final version of 1.4.7 Ultimate that includes the final versions of all 1.4.7 mods. This is essentially in the hopes that it clears up some final nasty little bugs that were lying around. Whether or not the DW20 and Mindcrack packs update is up to Direwolf and the mindcrack guys and I will be in touch with them to clarify what they want. (It should be noted both of these packs are considered stable, and the bugs we want to clear up in Ultimate dont affect either of these packs). The plan is to get a closed beta version of the 1.5 pack onto the launcher in the next couple of days and then assuming that everything goes OK and the mods are deemed stable, we hope to make these packs available to everyone either this monday (April 22) or the following Monday at the latest (April 29) It should be again made clear. These 1.5 packs are recommended to be used on a fresh world and there are no guarentees made to their compatibility beyond 1.5.x. Our understanding is that worlds should be compatible with 1.6, however it is to early to tell for sure.

Finally Version 2 of the FTB Launcher is scheduled to be released with the 1.6 update, however again this may be put back, it is a little to early to tell for sure. I hope this post goes some ways to answering some of the questions from the community at the moment.

April 17, 2013, 2:04 pm

Pax East and Future Tournaments.

FTB, Pax and Future Conventions.

Sometime in October last year I was approached by a member of the team working at Pax East with the idea of putting on a FTB server and live tournament at their convention. After discussions with various people, we ended up putting on the tournament and at the same time managed to have our first ever get together. Around 12 people attended this with many others joining along the way. I think it is safe to say an awesome weekend was had by everyone that came along and the chance to meet so many people was brilliant. However, we were there to put on a tournament first and foremost and despite everything it ended up being a huge success. On the day we had to turn away over 70 people just because there was no room. We were also fortunate to have been given a few prizes from Razer in the form of a keyboard, mouse and mouse pad. For that I would just like to take a second to say thank you again. Based on the success of the event, the possibility was brought up of a second tournament at Pax Prime.

This brings us on to today, a few weeks ago I was approached by a new Esports team who were initially interested in sponsoring some the the FTB Streams. This conversation soon evolved and a preliminary agreement was reached. So what we are looking to do is create a partnership between FTB and Denial Esports. The first goal of this partnership is to explore the possibilities of hosting a 2nd tournament preferably at Pax Prime in August or if that proves to be impossible at some other future event. We are also going to be exploring the chance to maybe host some online tournaments as well. Second is the option of maybe creating a 5v5 team based map also for tournament use. This is not to say that we are definately going to be able to achieve all of this, but its certainly a goal we would like to aim for.

Although discussions are still at a very early stage, for anyone interested in this the latest news will be found either on the FTB Website or also the Denial Esports website found at

Denial Esports

As this is a totally new direction for FTB, this is the perfect time to let everyone express their opinions on this idea. Whether you are in favour of the idea or against it, or if anyone has ideas that we could use please feel free to post in the accompanying thread. The only thing I ask is that you try to make all comments constructive. This is a new idea that as far as I can tell has never really been tried before, so we have no idea how this will turn out. But unless we try, we will never know.

April 16, 2013, 11:25 am

Pax East map

Hello, this is just a quick update for everyone going to pax (or anyone else) that wants to play the FTB pax east challenge map. The modpack for pax is now available for download on the launcher just open up the launcher as normal, select the pax modpack and click launch, the modpack will then download and you will be able to go into single player and play the map. We advice going into the $FTBinstall/PaxChallenge/minecraft/saves and making a backup of the world before playing to avoid having to redownload, if you forget you can navigate to the maps tab and redownload the map to try again, hope you all enjoy the map and we hope to see some of you at pax.

March 19, 2013, 4:25 pm

New Launcher design | We need you!

So for the past few weeks we have been working on the new launcher but we are still undecided on what design we should use for the UI so we thought there is no one better to ask than the people that use it!

We are looking for any ideas or suggestions you may have for the new launcher design we will then be using a combination of all of them to decide the final launcher design, we know that a people don't like change but things are going to change, hopefully for the better in the new launcher but don't worry our current plan is to keep the old design as well and just make the launcher default to the new one.

The whole backend of the launcher is being rewritten to use a more streamlined system which will make using FTB more accessible and run faster. Please feel free to post your designs below, wire frame is fine but it might be easier to understand if you add a bit of content so we can fully understand what you mean, we already have some internal designs but we would love to see what you come up with as well.

We want our default design to stay grey but we will be adding skinning to change that if you want to as well, we are looking to use our screen space better allowing more menu space as well as maps and texture packs per modpack.

Feel free to build upon others ideas and be aware that others may build on yours, don't claim that others ideas are your own and have fun with it! If you have any feature ideas feel free to post those as well, enjoy!

March 1, 2013, 6:08 pm

Pax East Tournament Poll *Please read if you are coming to Pax East*

Next month, some of the FTB team will be attending Pax East. Whilst there, Pax will be hosting a FTB tournament. Currently this is scheduled to take place on the Friday Evening. To take part in this tournament you will need to be at Pax and have a ticket to enter on Friday. In order to help us organise this it would be useful to get an idea of how many people are attending Pax and would be interested in taking part in the tournament. Please only take part in the poll if you are definitely going to be at Pax over the weekend.

February 27, 2013, 3:28 pm

News update 12-02-13

Hello just thought I would give you all a bit of an update on what is going on here at FTB; the big news this week is that development has started on our next big launcher version, launcher v2 which will bring a total redesign of the launcher as well as new features and more customisability.

A new and improved website adding many of the feature requests and improvements that the community requested has also started development recently which we expect to be released in the next few weeks; here is a sneak preview (feedback appreciated):

In other news work has began on the map for the pax tournament which will be released before pax for anyone wanting to get involved to practice before the tournament. We hope to have the ultimate pack finished soon, which is the best estimate we can give so please donít ask for us a better one! We are currently waiting for a few mods before we release the ultimate pack, we always try our best to make maps forward compatible however this is not always possible.
Most of your worlds will work between packs as we keep id's the same throughout all our packs so you can change easily if you wish. The best packs for forward compatibility with ultimate pack are Direwolf20 or MindCrack, if you want to use greg tech then we recommend you use the MindCrack pack and if not you should use the Direwolf20 pack, there are also other differences between the packs so you should look at the full mod list for both packs on the launcher before making your decision.

Finally be sure to follow us on twitter here for regular updates about FTB: [url">[/url">

February 12, 2013, 10:22 pm

FTB is 1 Year Old

So last night I was sitting around chatting to a few people about various things when something dawned on me. After some quick verification it turned out that today is the first anniversary of the birth of FTB.
Twelve Months ago a group of us sat around in the Direwolf20 IRC channel just chilling and chatting with not a lot planned for the weekend. In order to help pass the time I came up with an idea to have a race against one of the other Direwolf20 Admins (aka Nishtown) to see who could built 10 items from various mods
the quickest. Honestly when compiling the list, I expected it to last a week or two. It included items such as a functioning Red Power Sorting System and a working Industrial Craft Nuclear Reactor. We played using the same pack that Direwolf20 was using for his series. Instead of taking a week or more, less that 48 hours later, we finished within 20 minutes of each other.

We had enough fun that weekend that the following weekend we did something similar, except this time we started in a void world with a glass monument to display items.People watched this on stream and enough people were interested in trying it out for themselves that we released a private little pack for our community. The map started to grow in popularity within our community to the point where we really wanted to do something that was a bit more special. Getting together with a few members of the community we expanded on the idea and one of the community members (Shadow) put forth a plan to automate the process of item in, reward out. That map was built and released to the community at large. Soon after we built a multiplayer version on request for Direwolf20 and Nearbygamer and much fun was had while they spent 4 hours (I kid you not) trying to figure out how to get iron.

The youtube series was a huge success, but one thing always held us back. There was no easy way to install the mods or the map. Various attempts were made to get a solution to this and in time the FTB launcher was released and the forums created. The community expanded rapidly and today we arrive at a point where I look back at what has been an incredible year. Along the way of course there has been high points and low points as inevitably always happens. Good friends have been made and an awesome community has evolved around us.

However we havent even come close to finishing yet. Plans are already in place for the future. Work has already started on the next generation of FTB maps. In a couple of months we will have a group of FTB staff getting together at Pax East where we plan to host an open FTB server and an Official FTB Tournament hosted by the Pax East team. We still have more official packs that will be released once the necessary mods have been completed and some other stuff behind the scenes that we will talk about in the future.

I want to finish this post by doing what people normally do at times like this, and that is thanking everyone who has contributed towards FTB over the last 12 months. The amount of people that have had involvement in one form or another is pretty insane. When you take into account Mod Developers, Website Developers, Launcher Team, Pack Team, Map Builders, Forum Moderators and many many more people, I wouldn't even want to guess how many people that is. Well over a hundred though at a guess. Of course I have to thank everyone who uses the FTB launcher and have played the maps. We haven't always gotten things right, but we have always tried to do our best and no matter what,most have you have stuck by us.

p.s.For anyone still reading this long post, on a personal level to celebrate this year, I will be recreating the event that started it all off. From 5pm GMT (12pm EST) I will be livestreaming
on where we will follow in the footsteps of a year ago. A list of 10 achievements have been set out and a random spawn will be selected. This will start a race to complete the objectives in the fastest time. (there are no prizes, this is purely for fun.) Everyone is invited to join in over the weekend. A section in the forums will be opened up where you can link streams or youtube videos of your attempts or if you want just post screenshots of your progress through the challenges. I am sure along the way we will be joined by all sorts of people stopping by to say hello etc, so feel free to join in.



February 8, 2013, 1:11 pm

Pack updates and new packs

You can now find updates to Direwolf20 pack, Mindcrack pack and MagicWorld in the launcher! You can also find the new TechWorld and Lite packs.

There is currently an issue download servers on the launcher so you can download them here

Updating users are advised to backup their saves, you will get a screen that looks like this:

but clicking 'Yes' should not ruin your world, and we have found no disappearing items/blocks. but again, remember to save backups of your worlds!

January 28, 2013, 8:24 pm

FTB Insanity SMP

I am pleased to announce that the launcher now has a modpack that will allow you to play the FTB Insanity map on SMP with your friends!

simply hit the download server button to download all the files and you can then connect to that server (which has the map pre-loaded) and start playing!

January 18, 2013, 11:17 pm

FTB Mod Pack and Launcher News

Please find below the latest news with regards to the update of the FTB Launcher and Mod Packs.

Currently the launcher is being further refined and optimised. Upcoming features on the launcher that are currently planned include:

Private Pack Support (Done): Includes private codes for packs so the modpack list is only populated with the packs you use
ETA: 1-2 Weeks

Backdating of maps (Done): This will allow you to see when there is more than one version of a map e.g. the Direwolf20 world maps
ETA: 1-2 Weeks

Ability to select between multiple config options for individual mods: e.g. selecting between easy mode and hard mode Gregtech from within the launcher.
ETA: 3-4 Weeks

Advanced options for Java and Java Selection. (Done)
ETA: 1-2 Weeks

Launcher Skinning: The abilty to create, intall and use various skins for the Launcher.
ETA: Unknown

For a full changelog of the launcher please visit:

Change log

Currently we are working on several new packs for the FTB Launcher. The following is the latest available news.

FTBBetaA: The first test pack that was released. This pack will be phased out over the next month or two.

FTB Ultimate: Waiting on further mods to be updated and released to the public.
ETA: Unknown

FTB Map Pack: Waiting on Equivalent Exchange 3, work starting on the map shortly.
ETA Unknown

FTB TechWorld: Construction and testing will begin soon.
ETA 1 week (Very soon)

FTB Magic World: Released, further mods that we hope to add include Ars Magicka and Mystcraft. This pack will be updated once these mods are updated and ready for release.
ETA: Unknown (Soon)

FTB Direwolf20 and FTB Mindcrack: Both released. These packs will be updated upon request by the relevent parties.

FTB Lite: Pack should go into testing over the next week. I would like to see this pack released in the next week or 2. This is NOT a fixed date but just an internal target. (Very soon)

From now on we will only be releasing mod pack and launcher updates on a Monday. This does not mean that we will be updating every Monday, just this is when updates will generally be pushed to help admins plan etc. The only exception to this is if a critical update needs to be pushed in an emergency.

Updated 18/01/13 by captainnana, hopefully some of these things will be pushed on Monday!

December 29, 2012, 1:50 pm


The FTB team would like to wish everyone a happy holiday and we hope you got everything you wanted! It looks like falling chickens was on your wish list this year... how odd...
PortalGun causes raining chickens if you play on christmas day (Dec 25th).

If you have a problem with that you can:

December 25, 2012, 1:31 am

New Mod Pack Added

Tonight will see the first of the main 1.4.6 mod packs added onto the FTB Launcher. Initially the Mindcrack and the Direwolf20 packs will be added, with more packs added soon.

These packs should be added to your launcher automatically.

December 23, 2012, 8:14 pm

Password Issues

Hello everyone,
Due to a minor error, peoples usernames and passwords were printed to the console in a recent launcher version. We apologise for this, and would recommend everyone that pasted a recent log to pastebin to change your passwords; only users that pasted logs relating to failed login were affected by this all other logs did not contain any passwords. We will be doing absolutely everything in our power to ensure that nothing like this happens again, but if you suspect you may have posted it to pastebin, we strongly recommend you change the password now, to avoid any unfortunate things happening with your details. Once again we apologise for any inconvenience caused.

-jjw123 and the rest of the launcher team

EDIT: we have contacted pastebin and got all pastes removed with the passwords in. hopefully there should be no issues of someone stumbling upon it accidentally

December 17, 2012, 4:10 pm

Red Power 2 News

So I have recently received further news about the release of Red Power 2. It has apparently been decided that release of the mod has been delayed until after the 21st December 2012. Apparently there are fears that if Eloraam was to release now, the amount of data being downloaded at one time would effectively bring down the internet. This would lead to a chain of events that would cumulate in the end of world.

It is hoped that by delaying the upcoming release of Red Power we can avoid this disaster and may get to see a future where we finally get to a point where FTB can release a stable mod pack, the hard work of Pahimar and Soaryn isn't wasted and we all get to see the amazing looking Equivalent Exchange and Xycraft, and Notch and Jeb finally give the mod developers a few weeks to breathe by not releasing a new version or update to Minecraft (OK sorry, I admit it, the last one is a dream).

Anyways, you can all relax for the next few weeks, give your F5 key a much earned break and enjoy the awesome mods that are already out there.

December 11, 2012, 9:38 pm

Support site/forum

So now everyone has had chance to use both the support site and the tech support forums I would like to know which one we should continue to use from here on in. Please only vote if you have used both thanks :)


December 4, 2012, 9:49 pm

Magic World - Critical Change

It has just come to our attention that the release version of Mystcraft that was distributed with the original pack was a development build. Due to the nature of the problems with this version, we have decided to roll back to a slightly earlier version. However due the the changes in the mods code, we cannot guarantee the integrity of the worlds that have been created using the original version of Magic World. Internal Testing has been encouraging with worlds still appearing to be OK, however there may be some 'quirks with your worlds. we strongly encourage people to make backups of your world before logging back in.

December 4, 2012, 4:30 pm

FTAO Server Admins.

If any server admins read this that have downloaded and installed the latest server update, can you please check op list that came with it. The file was distributed with a pre made ops list that contained a pregenerated list. This was an accident and the offending file has been removed from the download. You should be able to just remove our names from the list and save the file.

We apologise for any inconvenience.


November 21, 2012, 11:27 pm

Launcher Updates

We are currently pushing out a couple of updates to both the client and server side packs. These fixes are pretty much back end only. However there are a couple of small changes to mods, specifically Extra Bees was removed as its broken. This will be re-added in the future if all goes well.

For everyone using servers. Please remember this is an interim pack that was added in order to let us test certain configs and mods out. The first full packs will come with 1.4.5 and should come with a much more complete set of mods. Whist we will make every effort to ensure existing worlds work, we cannot guarantee this is going to happen.

Finally, we are already working on the pack for 1.4.5. It is our hope to get the pack our soon after the release of 1.4.5 but as always this is mod dependent. We understand that this will cause issues for some people and apologise in advance for any problems that arise.

edit New Client and Server pushed at 00:15 GMT These should be working fine now.

November 19, 2012, 11:19 pm

Launcher out now!

The Feed the Beast Modpack and Launcher are NOW AVAILABLE! Get it here:

So for all of you that want to go right ahead and get started with FTB now here is a video by Direwolf20 explaining how to setup your client and server using the feed the beast launcher, please remember that the pack is still in beta and so may not contain all of the mods that will be in the final release however all being well worlds created in this version will be compatible in future versions of feed the beast, we would also like to thank Direwolf for the awesome tutorial that will probably save us many hours of support requests. Thanks to everyone for supporting feed the beast and we hope to see you around here in the future.

The FTB Team

November 10, 2012, 10:23 pm

FTB Release!

With the US and China both getting new leaders this week the world is changing a lot but we can't let them have all the action so we are proud to announce the launch of the official Feed The Beast launcher and modpack!

The launch will be on the 10th of November 2012 (Thatís Saturday) at 7pm GMT (11am PST with the stream starting an hour before) the launch will be streamed at [url">[/url"> with lots of special guests live on stream so be sure to follow to make sure you donít miss that!

We would like to stress that whilst the launcher is now at a standard that we are comfortable launching it. The mod packs that will be distributed with the initial release are interim packs only. As new mods are updated and released to the public these mods will be intergrated into the packs and available to download as soon as is possible. We could have continued to wait, but honestly when loking forwards it could easily have been another month before everything was ready for a complete release of everything. This was a situation that just was not acceptable. It should also be noted that for now, we are only supporting vanilla servers until a viable system for server plugins becomes available.

The following is a list of some of the mods in the initial release of the modpack we understand that many of your favourite mods may be missing but donít worry there will be frequent updates as they update to 1.4 and beyond!

Mod List

Minecraft Forge
Chickenbones Core
Chickenbones NEI
Rei's Minimap
Advanced Machines
Buildcraft 3
Computer Craft
Ender Storage
Extra Bees
ExtraBiomes XL
Industrial Craft 2
Inventory Tweaks
Iron Chests
Advanced Solar Panels
Modular Forcefield System
Obsidian Pressure Plates
Portal Gun
Steves Carts
Thermal Expansion
Twilight Forest

We hope that you have lots of fun playing the mod pack and everything else feed the beast has to offer and we hope to see you at the launch!

The FTB Team

November 7, 2012, 10:12 pm

PAX East!

The FTB team is pleased to announce that at the upcoming Pax East show, we will be installing the FTB Mod Pack and a brand new FTB tournament map on servers in the BYOC area. Whilst exact details have yet to be finalised, we plan to have a couple of members from the FTB team at Pax to help out and answer questions.

Our goal is to host a live tournament during the event with giveaways and prizes. We also hope to have a couple of FTB modded servers for people to join and play on.

More details will follow as we get closer to the event.

In other news, The New launcher and Mod Pack is now planned to be released in 1.4. Hopefully mod updates should be a lot smoother this time, enabling us to get the pack out quickly.


October 15, 2012, 8:24 pm

Logo Contest

We will be having a new logo here at feed the beast and we would love for one of you to make it for us! All you have to do to enter is create your logo and post it as a reply in this thread, you can enter as many times as you like feel free to give constructive feedback to other contestants.

Design brief:

For those of you that have never really used design briefs before this is just a rough guide of what we want you can do ANYTHING you want but this could help you be creative, its deliberately vague so we don't hinder your creative process.

Our current logo:

It might be a good idea to keep the minecraft style and the colours but as I said before this is your design, do what you want with it.
We are looking for a more artistic logo with a bit more handmade feel I am really into web 2.0 logos (they are logos like skype and youtube that are generally seen as web logos generally with gradients and rounded corners) while slow is into more into pictorial logos that are easily recognisable like the apple logo or the CocaCola logo. Letter form logos are also nice as well but if you want to do one of those make sure its recognisable to minecraft fans not just a logo.

Other than that go and have some fun with it, see what you can come up with; I look forward to seeing them!

Web Designer

The contest is now over so don't try and enter!

October 9, 2012, 11:48 am